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Jaylen Clark, now the NCAA is also looking to NFTs

The Bruins guard launched JROCK

Il relationship between sport and cryptocurrency it now represents a real phenomenon, in evident growth. To which athletes and teams are increasingly turning to looking for additional sources of income, all the more precious in a moment like the present, in which Covid continues to hover in a sinister way over their activities.
In this context, one of the disciplines that is best adapting to the new trend is basketball. In particular it is the golden world of National Basketball Association (NBA) to watch with growing interest to NFT (Not Funglible Token). But that's not all.

Jaylen Clark - Jaylen Clark, now the NCAA is also looking to NFTs

After the NBA, the NCAA is now also opening up to digital assets

If the relationship between digital assets and the NBA is currently extremely profitable, now even university basketball seems determined to follow the same path. In fact, the journey begins in these hours Jaylen Clark, one of the many budding talents of the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association), which is the body responsible for supervising the sports activities of athletes from 1268 colleges and universities in the United States and Canada.
The guard of UCLA (University of California Los Angeles), waiting to be able to be more prominent in university basketball, has nevertheless decided to make its presence stand out. AND to do so, he chose to launch his own cryptocurrency, JROCK. It was he who gave the announcement to the 60 thousand followers of Instagram, taking up an article from ESPN that was published on Thursday.

The new policy of the NCAA

Jaylen Clark's decision can be considered the logical consequence of the new policy launched by the NCAA, with the NIL program. Thanks to which the university athletes of the association are entitled to conclude financial deals aimed at the capitalization of their name and image.
A directive which, however, has raised some perplexity as according to critics it could favor the abandonment of studies by college athletes, precisely to pursue wealth. A trend that has already been going on for some time in basketball. Where many decide to make themselves eligible for the NBA Draft ahead of time.

JROCK: details on the new cryptocurrency

Clark chose the tokenization platform Rally to create his cryptocurrency. A choice due in particular to the fact that it is a code-free platform, which allows anyone who wants to launch their own social tokens. That is, personalized cryptocurrencies that can be bought and redeemed by the followers of an influencer, artist or sportsman, and then pay for goods and services.
In the case of JROCK you can get free tickets, buy exclusive products or appear in a video that Jaylen Clark routinely posts on YouTube.

Is the model that of YACHTY?

According to many, the model that inspired the Bruins guard is YACHTY, the token launched by the rapper Lil Yachty through the Swedish tokenization platform Fyooz.
Even in that case, in fact, it is possible to have some privileges, starting with the possibility of appearing in a music video of the artist or having a virtual meeting with him.
If Jaylen Clark led the way, now it remains to be seen whether other college basketball players will decide to follow her. Also in consideration of the fact that becoming the MVP on social media is now considered a very important step to carve out an adequate space in the real lottery represented by the annual draft.

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