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John McAfee arrested for tax evasion

He is now awaiting extradition to the United States

John McAfee was arrested for tax evasion while he was in Spain. The entrepreneur and founder of the cyber-security house of the same name is now waiting to know if he will be extradited to the United States where he will have to answer for the accusations leveled against him.
This is the umpteenth opaque story for a character perpetually under the magnifying glass of public opinion. Which, with all evidence, he cannot do without.

John McAfee - John McAfee arrested for tax evasion

What are the allegations against John McAfee

What are the reasons for the accusations made against McAfee? The casus belli are the over $ 23 million in tax evaded as part of a series of operations he has undertaken in the cryptocurrency sector.
Given the importance that in the United States is given to the fight against tax evasion (just remember what happened to Al Capone), times are not easy for the extravagant businessman.
Other disputes were then added to tax evasion, such as the one relating to the attempted evasion implemented to escape the long manus of justice in the stars and stripes.

What risks John McAfee now

In particular, John McAfee will have to answer five disputes for tax evasion and five for the crime of intentional omission in the presentation of the tax return.
Accusations recalled in detail by a document published by Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). To understand the gravity of which, it must be remembered that each individual tax evasion dispute can lead to up to a maximum of five years of detention. To which one year could be added for each allegation of omission.
The United States Department of Justice has however intended to point out that the allegations concern only the businessman and not the computer security house.

A very controversial character

John McAfee has long been accustomed to being at the center of the discussion. Whenever he moves, you can be sure that the media will be forced to deal with him.
As on the occasions when he raised the hypothesis of devote yourself to politics, for example by proposing his presidential nomination of the United States. Intent never really carried forward, but which nevertheless contributed to bringing his figure back under the magnifying glass of public opinion.

The Ghost project

His moves in cryptography also hardly go unnoticed. As has happened recently in relation to the project of Ghost, the token promoted by him with the intent of giving life to a cryptocurrency capable of ensuring almost total anonymity to its users. Going even beyond those privacy profiles cultivated by projects like Monero, Dash o Zcash, which are attracting more and more attention from the tax authorities.
Project soon abandoned in controversy with John Case, the expert he had trusted for its development. A defection which aroused no small surprise in investors. But that did not stop him from pursuing the idea that according to his detractors was the true purpose of his strategy, namely the launch of a telephone company. It too focuses on confidentiality profiles such as to finally guarantee anonymity. A rather controversial project, precisely in light of the controversy that the privacy coin.

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