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Justin Sun under the crossfire of former employees

Tron founder responds on Twitter

Justin Sun is a fairly controversial character in the crypto world. Quite often, over the past few years, the founder of Tron he came to the fore for the initiatives with a clear self-promotional flavor. Like when he invited for lunch Warren Buffett, the oracle of Omaha which is indicated by him as a myth, in order to explain the validity of digital assets.
In recent times, however, his magic touch seems to have vanished, hand in hand with the tarnishing of its public image. Let's see what happened and the reasons for this decline.

Justin Sun - Justin Sun under the crossfire of former employees

The anti-Covid subsidies

A first dent in Justin Sun's public image came from the news leaked in the most acute phase of the Covid-19 pandemic. In the course of which Tron would have received subsidies due to companies to face the difficulties caused by the lockdown, amounting to at least two million dollars.
In reality, the money in question was paid to Sun, but it was never actually known which business reality they are associated with. As for him, the majority shares not only of Tron, but also of other cryptographic companies such as Poloniex, BitTorrent e Steemit.

The acquisition of Steemit

A new drop in Sun's popularity was then seen on the occasion of the acquisition of Steemit, the platform connected to the token Steem. An acquisition that has been interpreted by the community as an attack on the principle of decentralization that underlies cryptocurrencies.
The opposition of which was soon highlighted with the fork that gave birth to Hive, with the beginning of a real war between the Chinese entrepreneur and the protesters, never returned.

The allegations of former Justin Sun employees

The previous missteps have been added over the last few weeks allegations of former Tron employees. Explain within an article of The Verge, from which Justin Sun comes out with broken bones.
Many negative testimonies about him, starting from the one who presented him as an "evil genius". A judgment substantiated by the fact that Tron owes the success of its free network to the diffusion of game app with which many people would have lost the savings accumulated in the course of the previous life, finding themselves on the street.

The controversial beginnings of Justin Sun

The article then recalled how Justin Sun's luck began with Peiwo, an app widespread on the Android and Apple stores before being closed by the authorities of his country as its pornographic contents were contrary to socialist principles.
However, without dissuading him from proposing similar operations. As happened with BT Live, another app with a clear pornographic flavor, built to circumvent the strict Chinese provisions on censorship. To facilitate the operation, Sun would then have proceeded to purchase BitTorrent, as the peer-to-peer sharing platform is difficult to track down and, therefore, counter.

Ready for everything

A series of highly questionable operations that have been labeled by another former employee as a practical testament to the level of baseness that Sun is willing to go to in order to realize his ends.
Accusations that forced him to answer on Twitter stating that he has always done his best to be a responsible global citizen throughout his life. Will it be enough to sweep the clouds?

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