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Kasta, the crypto payments project arouses furious controversy

The Moon Carl and Michael Van de Poppe at loggerheads

Kasta, the payment platform crypto which aims to revolutionize digital payments, is causing furious controversy. In particular among the well-known inflencer The Moon Carl e Michael Van de Poppe. The two famous personalities of the sector linked to financial innovation have been exchanging real blows at the head of their respective sides for some time now.
In particular, The Moon Carl is among those who have enthusiastically greeted the project, while Van de Poppe has placed himself on the other side of the fence. One came of it white heat crash, which at the moment seems difficult to put together.

Kasta: what is it about?

As we have already mentioned, Kasta is one platform aimed at cryptographic payments, born with great ambitions. That is, it intends to redefine the currently dominant standards and facilitate the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.
In the intent of the team of developers behind Kasta, even those who lack skills in this particular area will be able to store, transfer and receive virtual assets. All with great simplicity and absolute safety. In fact, simply the sender's number or scan his QR code to complete the transaction.

A far-reaching project

The project also includes the launching a debit card thanks to which users can spend their funds anywhere. There is also a program of yield farming which will allow users to create a passive income. Finally, it will be possible to choose in which currency, which may also be different from the initial one, to receive payments.
Within the devised system, the token intended to serve as fuel is Kasta, a ERC-20 launched on the blockchain by Polygon. A series of advantages are connected to it, such as the increase in rewards for referrals or incentives for cashback, as well as the possibility of participating in shared staking pools.
The project therefore moves in the wake of Zeal, however, expanding its scope. An extremely wide breath, which however does not seem to convince everyone.

The prediction of The Moon Carl

The origins of the duel between The Moon Carl and Michael Van de Poppe are to be found in the past 4 December. That day, in fact, the influencer posted an unequivocal post on Twitter: Kasta will be the dominant phenomenon of 2022. A concept already expressed in an interview with Fox Business, immediately opposed by Michael Van de Poppe, again via tweet.
So far it is a simple opinion. On January 5, however, a new strike from the second arrived, absolutely unequivocal. His message, in fact, invited anyone involved in the Kasta project to go to that country. A start to the year with a bang, therefore, for the crypto sector.

Some data to reflect on

If the two contenders seem at the moment more interested in healing their ego than in contributing positively to the discussion, there are already some data to reflect on. Starting from the fact that, at the moment, just three hold the vast majority of Kasta tokens wallet.
This first disconcerting fact is followed by a second one to keep in mind. - exchange most important have not yet included the token in their trading. It remains only to understand, at this point, whether it is the demonstration of a lack of confidence in the project or if, simply, they are waiting for more complete data on which to base a decision on the matter. Therefore, all that remains is to wait for subsequent developments, to try to better understand the scope of the issue.


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