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Kevin Healy: Craig Wright could be Satoshi Nakamoto

The programmer expressed his thesis in a video

The controversy about Satoshi Nakamoto it seems destined to continue for a long time to come. For some time now, rumors and indiscretions have been recurring to identify the now legendary creator of Bitcoin.
A real dripping into which he entered with his usual lightness Craig Wright, who has seen fit to proclaim himself in the role. A move that has naturally aroused great hilarity in the cryptographic space, where there are many who do not hide their aversion for the Australian businessman. Now, however, his thesis has been espoused by Kevin Healy.

Satoshi Nakamoto - Kevin Healy: Craig Wright could be Satoshi Nakamoto

Kevin Healy is inclined to believe Craig Wright

Kevin Healy is a developer and investor from California. In the first guise it was noted in particular for the notable contribution given to the evolution of Ethereum. Whose creator, Vitalik Buterin, for his part, has never hidden his strong opposition to Craig Wright, on a par with other personalities who are part of the same circle.
A dress such as to exclude from the start, consequently, sympathies of any kind for the one who has long been referred to as Faketoshi. Although, it should be added, over the last few years Healy has moved away from Buterin to get closer to the BSV community. Up to pushing him to say, surprisingly, that he is led to conclude that the Australian is actually Satoshi Nakamoto. But what are the reasons that push him in this direction?

“Why I Believe Craig Wright is Satoshi”: Healy's video on the issue

Precisely on the issue related to Craig Wright's self-proclamation, Healy recently posted a video with a very direct title: "Why I Believe Craig Wright is Satoshi". In which it starts from a very specific assumption, that relating to the fact that with Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) the Australian programmer would have managed to give life to a project actually in line with the BTC white paper.
Additionally, Wright began crediting himself as the real Satoshi in 2016, after a period of keeping a low profile. In these interviews, according to Healy, he demonstrated a remarkable mastery of how the cryptographic icon works, suggesting that it actually played a role in its creation. Precisely because already at the time his expertise was clearly superior to that of many others who also dealt with BTC.

Many clues, but no evidence

Healy in the course of his video then recalled that in 2015 Craig Wright was opposed to Ethereum by claiming that Bitcoin could already manage smart contracts. Adding a series of statements such as to bring out a degree of competence even higher than the standards highlighted by personalities at the time indicated as experts.
And, again, in the following year the hitherto reluctant Wright would have been forced to come forward to claim identification with the creator of Bitcoin due to threats to family members and acquaintances. Adding that he would certainly have preferred to keep the secret. Not to mention what he said in the course of the following year, when he specified that his intent was not to achieve the glory deriving from the recognition of the community, but to prevent a process aimed at identifying a single leader within it from being carried out. A concept completely foreign to the democratization purposes that have always been associated with cryptocurrencies.
Ultimately, Healy brings many clues to support his thesis, but without being able to bring the definitive proof. Which, probably, will never come.

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