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KuCoin launches lite version of its KuMEX futures platform

KuMEX, the futures platform Bitcoin developed by KuCoin, announced the launch of a few minutes ago Lite version, which not only focuses on the basic trading experience by simplifying the general interface, but is also able to provide analytical tools that traders will certainly find useful for analyzing market trends and improving their investment strategies.

KuMEX news

In particular, KuMEX Lite introduces three important simplifications. The first is the market interface, which is simplified by switching from candlestick to line graphs. At the same time, the order book and the list of the most recent operations have been hidden, making the overall interface more concise.

The second difference is the real trading interface. On KuMEX Lite, in fact, users only need to enter the order amount, and then decide the leverage and the long or short direction to open a position and place an order. In addition, the trader will be asked to enter the amount of money, rather than the units of the lots, thus making operations certainly easier for novice investors.

The third change is the advent of analytical tools. KuMEX Lite provides a series of tools aimed at better supporting the strategies of traders, who could thus use this service in order to make their approach to these derivative instruments more effective.

KuCoin's statements

Particularly satisfied with the news is the KuCoin company, with CEO Michael Gan who declared that “due to the high risk and complexity of trading in Bitcoin futures, only a few professional investors have been involved at present. In the cryptocurrency world, the volume of derivative transactions is only about half that of the spot market, but in the world of traditional finance, derivatives have always been a bigger market than the stock market. KuCoin has always wanted to guarantee a simple, secure and accessible to all futures platform, and KuMEX Lite is our courageous attempt in this regard. Through many innovations, we hope to give more traders the opportunity to try out Bitcoin futures, maximizing their return on investment. "


Recall that all interested KuMEX users can now freely switch from the Lite version to the Pro version, and vice versa. The two versions will share the depth of the market and the same liquidity.

We also recall that KuMEX was independently developed by the KuCoin team and officially launched on July 8, 2019.

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