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Ledger Nano S: Installation and use guide

Ledger Nano S it's a Hardware Wallet per cryptocurrency: This is a physical portfolio in which digital currencies are stored in a completely secure way.

As if it were a USB stick the Ledger Nano S can be connected to a computer equipped with this port.

The Ledger Nano S offers users high security to store your digital currencies thanks to the user-friendly interface.

Its price is extremely attractive and all in all user reviews are not absolutely negative.

Ledger Nano S: what is it?

ledger nano s how to install it - Ledger Nano S: Installation and use guide

The Ledger Nano S is a offline wallet, cold-storage, suitable for storing Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other altcoins.

This hardware wallet, like the Trezor wallet, can be controlled with just two buttons.

La menu navigation can be done with the left or right button. Just select a menu item by holding down both buttons. It's very simple.

The Ledger Nano S supports an extensive list of cryptocurrencies that can be securely stored in the Hardware Wallet.

The main security point is related to the possibility of storing the private key offline.

Ledger Nano S: What's in the Box?

Make sure the package is sealed, otherwise contact support.

The Ledger Nano S in the package includes the following elements:

  • Ledger Nano S
  • 1 micro-USB cable
  • Lanyard to wear the device around the neck
  • Ring that allows you to use it as a key ring
  • Recovery sheet.

The Ledger Nano S is compatible with the most common ones operating systems: Windows (7+), Mac (10.8+), Linux or Chrome OS.

The only requirement for configuration is the Google Chrome browser.

Ledger Nano S - Quick installation guide

Before starting the initial setup, make sure you have a browser Google Chrome which will allow you to easily manage your account.

Connect your Ledger Nano S

Connect the USB cable supplied with the Ledger Nano S and the computer. Your Ledger wallet offers you several options.

Select the option for “create a new portfolio”(Unless you want to restore a wallet using the existing private key).

Choose a PIN

Confirm yours pin code and make sure to memorize it because it is needed every time you connect the Nano S Wallet Ledger. Depending on the firmware in use, you have a four-digit PIN code (v1.1-1.2) or an eight-digit PIN (1.3+).

Back up

Ledger Nano S notifies you one sequence of 24 words: this is your private key. Copy the words in the same order.

You can use the attached "Recovery Sheet" which is included in the package, but we do not recommend it because if someone takes it they will get full access to your cryptocurrencies stored in the Hardware Wallet.

This step is really important to ensure the recovery of your wallet.

Install the Ledger Nano S

Now you just have to install Ledger apps on your computer to start using your wallet. The management page is available in the "App".

From this page, you can install different apps for cryptocurrencies that you want to keep on your Hardware Wallet.

open and manage a cryptocurrency wallet, it is necessary:

  • launch the wallet application on your computer
  • open the dedicated application on your Ledger Nano S to unlock and synchronize your wallet

Congratulations! Now your Ledger Nano S is ready to send and receive payments.

Restoring the lost or stolen Ledger Nano S

In case of loss or theft of the Ledger Nano S Wallet, you can restore the entire balance to another Hardware Wallet: just use the private key consisting of a sequence of 24 words.

In the event of theft, without knowing the PIN code, it will be impossible for anyone to access digital currencies.

In addition, the Ledger Nano S is canceled if the PIN code is entered incorrectly three times.

Ledger Nano S: other applications

The Hardware Wallet Ledger Nano S allows you to install additional applications as the authentication standard "Universal Second Factor”(UF2) on Google, Dropbox, Github or Dashlane.

Other applications include GPG, SSH or you can try creating your own applications with the C language.

For each cryptocurrency you wish to keep in your wallet, you need to install an additional application to enable support for the same digital currency.

By default, the Ledger Nano S already has some applications installed: Bitcoin, Ethereum and UF2.

Ledger Nano S: List of supported cryptocurrencies

Here the list of the main cryptocurrencies and altcoins supported:

- Ark

- Bitcoin

- Bitcoin Cash

- Bitcoin Gold

- Ethereum / Ethereum Classic

- Expanse

- Dash

- Digibyte

- Dogecoin

- Hcash

- Komodo

- Litecoin

- Neo

- Pivx

- PoSW

- Qtum

- Stealthcoin

- Stellar

- Stratis

- Ubiq

- Vertcoin

- Viacoin


- Zcash

Ledger Nano S: Conclusions

The Ledger Nano S is a Exceptional and secure hardware wallet.

Even if a hacker is able to intercept a transaction on the ledger, he will have to physically confirm the transaction. This is practically impossible.
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