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Ledger wants to make us earn cryptocurrencies even when we sleep

The manufacturer of wallet hardware Ledger he wants us to earn money even when we sleep. A passive gain, known as stake, in a service that Ledger has added to its Ledger Live platform, an online portal for the management of cryptocurrency.

In simple terms, it staking it is a process where users agree to block a portion of their funds as collateral in exchange for helping manage a network blockchain a proof-of-stake. In return, new digital coins are created daily, and users are rewarded in proportion to their contribution.

Recall that Ledger added Tezos as the first currency for this service and that in the last several months exchange cryptocurrencies, like Binance e Coinbase, have added staking services on their exchanges.

In a recent statement Ledger said he wanted to do the same, but with some additional features. In fact, in the press release, the company specified that it wanted to offer users greater control over staking. Unlike exchanges, where users are giving up their rights to choose who to delegate their contribution to, by using Ledger Live it is possible to select from a wide list of validators based on their preferences.

In short, those who participate in this service can choose which operators to rely on, helping to ensure that the best ones continue to manage transactions honestly and transparently and, therefore, improving the effectiveness of the entire system.

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