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Len Sassaman: Is he the real Satoshi Nakamoto?

The hunt for the creator of Bitcoin continues

The hunt at Satoshi Nakamoto it seems destined to continue for a long time. Periodically enriching himself with new, more or less reliable revelations.
The last hypothesis in this sense is the one he would like Len Sassaman as the inventor of the Bitcoin. According to some observers, the hypothesis that emerged in these hours would have more than a foothold in reality. Let's go and see why.

satoshi bitcoin - Len Sassaman: is he the real Satoshi Nakamoto?

Len Sassaman is Satoshi Nakamoto?

After Sergey Nazareth, inventor of chainlink, John Nash, American economist and mathematician, e Paul LeRoux, boss of a drug cartel, now it's Len Sassaman's turn to be referred to as the real Satoshi Nakamoto.
An identification based, as in the other cases, on some circumstantial facts, screened by a writer whose surname is known only, Leung. Who stated that he was encouraged to deal with the matter after reading the attempts to Craig Wright to proclaim himself the real Satoshi.
The first of these facts is that relating to Nakamoto's farewell to the BTC development group, which took place just two months before Sassaman decided to commit suicide. Strangely, the creator of the cryptographic icon told them before taking leave of his companions that they would never see him again.

Sassaman had the technical skills to create Bitcoin

To this first fact, Leung then adds the certainty that Sassaman had the technical skills to create Bitcoin, having previously worked in the cryptographic field. He also had collaborated with Hal Finney, also deceased and previously referred to as the true Satoshi.
In particular, Sassaman was the chief maintainer of the anonymous remailer code Mixmaster and Randseed. The anonymous remailer works similar to a Bitcoin node, accepting messages and instructions on how to store and send them without revealing the point of origin. Bitcoin's architecture is ultimately very similar to that of remailers, even though its nodes forward transaction data instead of messages.
Sassaman he then worked with another suspect, namely Adam Back, the CEO of Blockstream.

The other clues

The number of clues then continues with the function of researcher and PhD at the Computer Security and Industrial Cryptography Research Group (COSIC). He was that consultant David Chaum considered the father of cryptocurrencies.
Another cumbersome relationship is to be considered the one with Bram Cohen, creator of BitTorrent. The two have in fact collaborated on the project Pynchon Gate and helped develop the Codecon, a technology conference that takes place every year.
And, again, to support Leung's thesis would be Sassaman's use of a pure English, different from that typical of the Americans. The same used for Bitcoin-related documents.
Therefore, if the smoking gun is missing, the clues that seem to indicate him in the same way as Satoshi Nakamoto would in fact be many.

Who was Len Sassaman

Len Sassaman, who died in 2011 at the age of 31, was part of the cypherpunk movement, he also stands out for his relentless support for privacy throughout his life. It was his wife who publicly disclosed his suicide, which took place on July 3, 2011. The same year in which Black Hat Briefings revealed how a dedicated tribute to him was incorporated into the blockchain Bitcoin.
His death, however, makes it very difficult to understand if Leung's thesis has a real foundation or if it is simply the latest intellectual speculation on one of the most fascinating mysteries of recent years.

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