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Libra Association is now called Diem

Work continues around Facebook's cryptocurrency

After a thunderous start, come on Pound, the new cryptocurrency destined to act as a propellant for transactions on Facebook has gradually fallen silent. Broken by fragmentary news which has prompted more than a few observers to wonder if the token will ever actually see the light.
Doubts also caused byevident hostility with which Pound it was welcomed by the political world, not just the stars and stripes. Concerned with all evidence of its implications, given the connection with a social media which in the past years has given rise to episodes at least indisputable. Starting with the scandal Cambridge Analytica.

Libra - Libra Association is now called Diem

Libra Association is now called Diem

Libra Association, the body that presides over the development of Facebook's virtual currency, has changed its name to diem. A change which was explained with the desire to indicate a new phase of the project, aimed at pursuing with even greater force the mission of building a payment system capable not only of being safe and secure, but also conforming to the design to give power to people and businesses all over the world.
A new phase in view of which Diem has decided to hire some personalities capable of making a significant contribution to the project.

Diem: who are the newcomers

Among the newcomers to Diem's ​​staff, the names of Dahlia Malkhi as chief technology officer, Christy Clark, hired to perform the duties of Chief of Staff, Steve Bunnell as chief legal officer e Kiran Raj, appointed executive vice president for growth and innovation and deputy general consultant.
To comment on their arrival was Stuart levey, CEO of the Diem Association. Which did not hesitate to define the level of stellar neo hired. Which are added to James Emmett, former CEO of HSBC Europe investment bank, ea Sterling Daines, former chief executive officer and global head of financial crime at Credit Suisse.

The stablecoin project is moving forward

All this takes place while the project continues to move forward, which should lead to a limited debut early next year. Which will come in the form of a stablecoin pegged to the dollar and no longer to a basket of coins. So much so that it has prompted some observers to say that it will be one copy of Tether.
A competition that, however, does not seem to cause excessive concern in the management of the first stablecoin, coined in 2014. At least according to Paolo Ardoino, the man who has been entrusted with the task of technically taking care of the development of Tether. Who did not fail, in the course of an interview, to highlight how the link with Facebook can represent for Libra a sort of handbrake.

The statements of Paolo Ardoino

Should the competing project development team force their hand and use the full firepower of social media, it could in fact arouse the ire of political power. This, in summary, was recalled by Ardoino. He then added that even from the purely technical point of view Tether enjoys a considerable advantage. Supporting numerous chains and projects unlike Libra, which can only run on one blockchain independent. Adding that, however, Mark Zuckerberg's project could be good for the industry, bringing a bit of healthy competition that could benefit users.

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