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Libra welcomes Blockchain Capital among its members

The Facebook project continues its march

Over the past few months, di Pound not much has been said. A fact which, however, allowed the project to go ahead without excessive media overexposure. That is the one that had characterized the first phases of his life and which had caused theopen nuisance of the political world. A nuisance deriving in particular from the inordinate ambitions expressed by his White Paper.
Now the Facebook cryptocurrency is back to talk in more relaxed terms. In particular for theentry of Blockchain Capital among the members of Pound Association, the foundation launched to develop the project in the best way.

libra cryptocurrency facebook - Libra welcomes Blockchain Capital among its members

The arrival of Blockchain Capital in Libra Association

The entry of Blockchain Capital was announced by a statement issued by the non-profit foundation on September 18th.
It is an investment company considered in line with the basic objectives of the association, consisting in particular in promoting innovation in the financial sector. To comment on the event, for Blockchain Capital, it was Bart Stephens, CEO of the company. Who stated that being part of the Libra Association is a completely logical thing for a company which aims to promote financial innovation and the launch of a fairer payment system than the current one.
Statements that have in practice been confirmed by Dante Disparte, vice president and head of the association's policies, declaring himself pleased with the new entry. Which happens at a rather particular moment for the Libra Association.

The new appointments in the Libra Association

The foundation responsible for the development of Libra, in fact, is in the midst of a series of nominated which have the task of strengthening its work. In this context, the arrivals of Steve Bunnell, appointed chief legal officer of the association, and of Sterling Danes, in turn indicated in the role of chief compliance officer, both of which occurred in June. Which has been added in the last few days James Emmett, a financial services executive who has been named CEO of Libra Networks.

About Blockchain Capital

Blockchain Capital is a leading venture capital firm perhaps not very well known, but that has over 90 companies in its portfolio. It has a heritage of over 300 million dollars, which he manages through a team of nine dedicated professionals. Joining the Libra Association can be considered as an excellent image shot for an increasingly rampant company.

Libra: the project goes on

As we have mentioned, Libra has benefited from one over the last few months relative tranquility. No longer pressured by public and political opinion, the project has continued to develop, even if not much is known about the date of its debut on the markets. A tranquility which has allowed Mark Zuckerberg's cryptocurrency to get out of the uncomfortable position of its beginnings. When it seemed that Libra was about to become some sort of monster capable of standing up as an entity that would endanger the global financial order. A situation that has been normalizing in recent months, also due to the reassurances given to a political system which had not shown excessive approval for the project.
The next few months will be essential to understand if it is one simple respite or if, with the world of politics, peace has really broken out.

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