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Italy is about to present its pilot project for the application of the blockchain to Made in Italy

Also theItaly she seems determined to be serious about the blockchain. If in France and Switzerland the technology of the distributed registers has now become part of the formative demand, with courses specially created within secondary schools and universities, the Belpaese has from its side given life to a real pilot project with which the use of blockchain will be made official in support of Made in Italy. What is it?

The project of the Ministry of Economic Development

Interested in the project in question was the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE), giving life to one partnership with IBM inaugurated in the past March, when Premier Giuseppe Conte enjoyed the support of M5S and Lega for his executive. If in the meantime Matteo Salvini has left the majority, the project has nevertheless continued and now the studio prepared for this purpose can be presented by Stefano Patuanelli, current manager of the MISE. The minister, together with Enrico Cereda, CEO of IBM Italy, will do so at the Salone degli Arazzi of the Ministry of Economic Development, formalizing the intentions of our country not to fall behind in the processes of adopting a technology that is now considered fundamental.

Blockchain and Made in Italy, a collaboration that could ensure great results

In particular, the study carried out by the MISE has tried to outline the strategic importance that the blockchain could have for Made in Italy. Our leading products, exported all over the world, have been the subject of decades of falsifications which not only harm Italian producers, but also the good name of our companies. To try to suppress this trend, the technology of distributed records has therefore been identified as the most appropriate instrument, precisely because of the security it can bring to all certification processes. It will be that is possible to know if a product actually refers to our country or whether it is instead subject to counterfeiting as happens for example with Parmigiano Reggiano imitated by Canadian Parmesan. To understand the importance of the project, it is necessary to remember that in 2019 exports of our cheese have collapsed in Canada, where eight out of ten forms of Parmesan are the subject of counterfeiting.

Patuanelli's statements

The Minister of Economic Development wanted to underline the importance of the involvement of blockchain technology in the processes aimed at defending Italian products in key sectors for our export as the textile andagrialimentare. Indeed, another pilot project is in the development phase in the first sector. "Blockchain for textile traceability", which sees the involvement of a series of small businesses, which will result in the release of a "proof of concept" document that will be available to all companies intending to use them. A project that will then be extended to agrifood, making our country a real pioneer in the new technology sector, considered a completely fundamental tool to allow Italian companies to hold their own in an increasingly competitive market such as the globalized one, precisely because effect of the robust doses of innovation that I am able to ensure.

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