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Italy is the country most affected by ransomware

Even in Italy information technologies are increasingly used. Not only by young people, who are naturally more inclined to innovation, but also by a myriad of older people who have probably understood the opportunities they offer.
The growth of users, however, was also offset by the significant increase in imprudent behavior, such as to lend the side not only to scams, but also extremely harmful cyber attacks. Too many people, that is, use their terminals imprudently, without following the advice that even experts do not fail to give.

Trend Micro's study

To confirm this fact was recently a study by Trend Micro, Entitled "Caught in the Net: Unraveling the Tangle of Old and New Threats". This is a report that takes into consideration the situation encountered during 2018 with regard to cyber threats.
From the reported data, it emerges that precisely Italy is the European country most affected by so-called ransomware, or the attack aimed at encrypting the files contained on the affected device, asking for a ransom to unlock it. In fact, 12,92% of all ransomware attacks that have occurred on the old continent have cars as their theater in our country, while the most affected worldwide were the USA, Brazil, India, Vietnam, Mexico, Turkey, Indonesia, China, and Bangladesh. There are 26.353.635 malware carried in this way, placing Italy in twelfth position globally in this category.
The preferred tool for ransomware in Italy was the e-mail, with the sending of over 600 million threats via e-mail, while visits to malicious sites stood at 10.182.915, with the blocking of 1.485.794 sites of this kind. Online banking malware is much less used, stop at about 5 thousand.

The Trojan horse of ransomware: imprudence

Imprudence usually facilitates ransomware. Too many people, in fact, continue to practice high-risk behavior, for example opening letters containing links that should immediately lead to suspicioninstead of trashing them. OR visiting sites that carry malware, without worrying about the dangers that they can represent. As already mentioned, the alarms in this sense have not been lacking in recent years, but despite this too many internet users continue to give life to underestimating the risks they undergo by insisting on inappropriate behavior.

Cyber ​​attacks are declining for cryptocurrencies globally

However, it should also be stressed that the use of malware is falling sharply globally. To reveal it was the recent Kaspersky report, the well-known house of cyber-security, according to which in the last year attacks of this kind would have been about 2,2 million, against the 5,6 recorded in the whole of 2018. Probably the figure derives from the fact that the means of contrasting this crime have greatly improved over the years, pushing the bad guys to pause for reflection aimed at finding new tools, for example identified in audio files, the last frontier in this sense. Furthermore, experts think that the sharp drops recorded by the prices of cryptocurrencies have prompted hackers to focus on ransomware. One more reason to pay close attention.

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