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Litecoin (LTC): announced the new updates for the MimbleWimble protocol

Yesterday, the founder of Charlie Lee was announced Litecoin the implementation of the protocol MimbleWimble on blockchain. The news reached everyone through a tweet from Charlie Lee: 

Just a few months ago we had formalized the intention to make transactions safer from the point of view of privacy on the Litcoin blockchain, which as we know, since it looks like a public blockchain, at the moment all the information can be seen and consulted by anyone. 

To be able to overcome this problem, also because those who need privacy use other types of blockchains such as XMR, Monero, the inventor and developers of Litecoin have decided to focus on the integration of the new protocol MimbleWimble which is operational on various blockchains, such as that of Beam and Grin.

The MimbleWimble code on Litecoin is going to be fully integrated. At this time, a roadmap for the updates that users are waiting for January has been published:

  • Determine the construction method: to be able to establish a clearer direction on how to operate through the code and simplify its compilation at the same time.
  • Define the LTC models in the best way: to determine the precise field in order to best format the code.
  • Move to the core of Libmw, that is, on the libraries, the database and carry out the relative tests on the operation

Finally, all these changes and related progress can be followed within the pages of GitHub so as to understand in detail what the progress is, also because this could represent a revolution in the field of blockchains e cryptocurrency

In any case, privacy is an essential and determining factor, because it allows you to guarantee greater security to users who use the blockchain, who will be able to do their transactions anonymously as happens on the blockchain of Bitcoin.

Also, if the implementation is successful, MimbleWimble it could also be integrated on different blockchains

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