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Maduro announces a casino based on Petro

maduro venezuela petro - Maduro announces a casino based on Petro

Il Venezuela continues to focus with extreme decision on digital assets and, in particular on Petro. The cryptocurrency guaranteed by the country's oil and mineral resources, in fact, continues to be at the heart of the strategies of the Caracas government. As confirmed by the announcement of Nicholas Maduro, the Venezuelan president, concerning the launch of an online casino based on Petro.

Nicholas Maduro's announcement

In Venezuela everything is ready for a online casino based on the cryptocurrency. Maduro's decision is triggered in a still very critical phase for the economy of the country, annihilated by the US embargo. A crisis that has had significant repercussions precisely on the gambling halls, which they are almost disappeared in Venezuela.
In particular it will be theHumboldt hotel, located within the El Ávila National Park, which soon became the headquarters of a international casino. In which the players will be able to bet their Petro, therefore destined to be facilitated by the eventual success of the initiative. The proceeds from the activity will in turn be used to finance public health and education, which are very lacking in the country.

A decision that defeats Chavez

To a certain surprise, however, is the fact that Maduro's decision goes in absolute contrast to what was decided just less than ten years ago by Hugo Chavez, to which the current President refers from the ideological point of view. His predecessor, in fact, he had prohibited any such activity within the Venezuelan borders, branding gambling houses as criminal lairs, where prostitution and drugs were practically on the agenda. By then gambling had basically been confined to online platforms.

The perplexities of the experts

At the moment, however, no technical details have yet been announced on the operation, which therefore remains wrapped in mystery. It should be stressed that from a logistical point of view there are many doubts, precisely because of the absence of information about it. In fact, if it is a matter of physical and not virtual gaming rooms, in order to use the Petro it would be necessary to use one Whatsapp. Furthermore, the presence of TMJ within the structure to then be able to convert currencies, real or virtual. A series of questions that will have to be answered before the initiative starts.

Petro as an antidote to the criminal economy?

However, another announcement by Maduro should be highlighted, intended to please the supporters of the digital economy. The Venezuelan President, in fact, affirmed his intent to to leverage Petro to crush the criminal economy within national borders. According to him, the many people who do not want to switch to the state cryptocurrency are driven by very specific purposes, due to the possibility of doing illegal business, which find their ideal fuel in the US dollar. In particular, again according to Maduro, it would be the mafia and thieves who do not appreciate digital assets, starting from the Venezuelan one, as they would place a embankment to their work.
In practice, this is the thesis put forward by the supporters of Bitcoin, according to which the presence of a blockchain would be the best guarantee on the traceability of the operations, inducing criminals to seek safer means of transferring illicit capital.

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