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Manchester City and Animoca together for collectible blockchain games

The link between football and blockchain is getting closer and closer

The digital entertainment company Animoca has signed a collaboration with City Football Group aimed at game development blockchain and collectibles relating to the Manchester City, masculine and feminine, and the Melbourne City FC.
For Animoca it is a real coup. Which adds to the long series of close partnerships with leading players from other sports disciplines. Manchester City, in fact, is one of the leading associations of the Premier League, or what is currently considered the most important national football tournament globally.

Manchester City - Manchester City and Animoca together for collectible blockchain games

The terms of the agreement between Animoca and Manchester City

The minigames related to the City Football Group teams will be developed by Animoca on GAMEE, its hyper-casual gaming subsidiary. While digital collectibles will also be distributed on Quidd , the collectibles subsidiary of Animoca. Instead, it will improve the gaming experience The sandbox, a community-driven, decentralized gaming platform that allows users to monetize user-created resources and games. Basically, collectible owners will be able to buy and sell player collectibles on it.
Games intended to run on mobile devices can be played instantly by users and require them to complete extremely simple tasks. A feature, simplicity, which makes the hyper-casual game a real attraction for a large number of users. So much to push Venture Beat to estimate in over two billion dollars the turnover of this industry in 2019.

Animoca on the road to Sorare?

While the hypothesis has been put forward by many that Animoca intends to propose itself as alternative to Sorare, the transalpine platform which proposes the popular fantasy football on blockchain, however, it should be emphasized that at the moment this is not a concrete hypothesis. Too few, in fact, the three teams put under contract to be able to compete with a market, the one created by Sorare, which already boasts more than one hundred teams connected. It is therefore able to offer a large number of stickers to be exchanged in the form of NFT (Non Fungible Token). Precisely for this reason, new moves in this direction are expected by Animoca. In particular, the companies of football, overburdened by increasingly unsustainable debts. Destined to amplify due to the lack of box office revenues following the closure of the stadiums due to Covid.

Animoca: Future plans are extremely ambitious

Animoca has gained great notoriety over the past few months. In particular thanks to sale of the most expensive Non Fungible Token ever, at least at the moment. Over the course of a sale involving ten cars for the blockchain game F1 Delta Time, one of them has in fact managed to procure a proceeds of 233 thousand dollars. A figure which had never been reached before for this kind of initiative.
In light of what happened, it is therefore not surprising that the company is developing a blockchain-based game dedicated to MotoGP, which is the most popular championship among those of motorcycling, globally. Who will be released on the Dapper Labs Flow platform. As will also happen for the Star Girl franchise and the other games programmed by Animoca, which see the presence of over a million users every month. Intended to increase in the near future.

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