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Mark Cuban: Ethereum will overtake Bitcoin in the future

Entrepreneur Mark Cuban said in a podcast dedicated to cryptocurrencies that Ethereum may be able to overtake Bitcoin in the future.

Ethereum - Mark Cuban: Ethereum will overtake Bitcoin in the future

During a podcast hosted by reporter Laura Shin, entrepreneur Mark Cuban who was making a prediction about the future of cryptocurrency stated that Ethereum will most likely succeed in overcoming BTC in the future, perhaps also in terms of price. 

As revealed by Cuba, BTC is too complicated and according to what the entrepreneur said he would prefer to have bananas instead of i Bitcoin. Certainly, his attitude towards Bitcoin is very hostile, and his analysis leans towards improvement and positioning, also in terms of price, of Ethereum above BTC.

His prediction on Ethereum it is mainly based on the future 2.0 update which could, according to Cuban, be able to make Bitcoin pale. According to what was stated during the podcast: applications that make use of extensions and smart contracts on Ethereum will be able to undermine Bitcoins.

Currently the BTC they have become more of a store of value, but they cannot be used for anything else, or in any case it is very difficult to do so. You have to work hard on BTC compared to Ethereum which provides a simpler operation. 

Competition could therefore increase later the Ethereum 2.0 update. As Ethereum it is giving some people a reason to use hers blockchain as a store of value against BTC.

Although Cuban did not make a direct reference to the price of Ethereum, it is understood from his words that that would be the effect in the long run. Yesterday the price of Ethereum he managed to surpass his high to reach $ 2150, with an annual gain of 200%.

Most likely, the sudden price rise seen by Ethereum depends on the hype of the non-fungible token market. In this context, in fact, the ETH they are the principal cryptocurrencyis. Furthermore, Ethereum is the main blockchain on which most of the digital collectibles are located.

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