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MarsCoin flies thanks to Elon Musk's tweets

Tesla founder provokes a new case with his social messages

Elon Musk continues to be a real factor for the cryptocurrency. Despite the first criticisms from some observers about his social activism, Tesla's CEO doesn't seem willing to put a stop to his presidentialism.
As is testified by what happened after one of his tweets in which he mentioned a potential MarsCoin. Probably intended as a cryptocurrency to be used in the course of the planned colonization of the red planet. And which, instead, was taken as a real indication towards an already existing token, MarsCoin in fact.

MarsCoin - MarsCoin flies thanks to Elon Musk's tweets

MarsCoin: Token already exists

MarsCoin is a project launched in 2014. Since its inception it has had a rather poor life, with a price usually around $ 0,20. After Elon Musk's tweet, however, it gave birth to a sensational growth. Such as to bring it even to $ 2,50, naturally its all-time high.
While it has folded back to just over a dollar in the last few hours, its rally was still noteworthy. And it is not excluded that it may resume in the next few hours.

MarsCoin's goal is the same as Elon Musk's

In fact, it should be emphasized that the initial ambition of the working group gathered around the project was precisely to make MarsCoin a vehicle for financing the first human settlement on the red planet. In practice, interested parties would have to mine the token on Earth and then transfer a copy of the blockchain on Mars, when the technology has developed adequately.
A goal which, moreover, is common to the Tesla CEO's vision. The photo of which stands out on the MarsCoin website, although there is no real relationship between the parties. If, in fact, Musk founded a company, SpaceX, intended precisely to promote the conquest of Mars, there is no kind of correlation between the two entities.

It is now Muskmania

What has happened in the last few hours around MarsCoin, clearly re-proposes what can now be considered the Muskmania. In fact, a social externalization of the richest man in the world is enough to cause real earthquakes on the markets.
A trend which, however, is starting to show more than one problem. So much so that some observers openly accuse him of representing one real disturbance on the markets. A disturbance which, moreover, could soon cross over into real hypotheses of much more serious crime.

Elon Musk's pump and dump starts to make you think

Just think of what happened with Tesla's officialization of theinvestment amounting to 1,5 billion dollars in Bitcoin. After which the cryptographic icon began to grow again intensively, breaking through 50 thousand dollars. Thus providing a significant income to Elon Musk's company.
So much so as to arouse bewilderment at a time when the financial markets find themselves dealing with the pump and dump. That is the action promoted by more or less consistent groups of redditors, for example those of WallStreetBets, determined to put the infamous in check hedge funds. Paying back the so-called Strong hands of the markets, for decades accustomed to feasting on the remains of small savers hit and sunk by practices such as short selling.

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