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McDonald's opens to payments in Bitcoin

mcdonald's is starting to accept Bitcoin payments, at least in El Salvador. A development that follows the adoption by the Central American country of the cryptocurrency as a legal tender currency.

According to the news announced, all companies in El Salvador will have to accept Bitcoin in exchange for goods and services. But those who are technologically unable to receive the cryptocurrency can be exempted from the law. Even though the legislation stipulates that businesses must accept Bitcoin, many people had doubts that businesses would be able to integrate Bitcoin payment solutions by the time the law went into effect. And so, since last Tuesday, customers have started paying for breakfast at the fast food franchise with Bitcoin.

Also other franchises like Starbucks e Pizza Hut have expanded their payment services to include Bitcoin. OpenNode, a California-based bitcoin payment processor, confirmed to Forbes that it has formed a partnership with McDonald's to allow it to start accepting bitcoin.

Bitcoin can therefore now be used to pay in all 19 McDonald's locations in the country, as well as online and through the delivery app - said OpenNode, who later stated that his team is currently adding other businesses to this operation.

We also remember that this week El Salvador became the first sovereign government to adopt Bitcoin as legal currency along with its existing currency, the US dollar. A move that allows residents of the country to pay taxes and other debts using bitcoin, and businesses to expand their payment options to cryptocurrency.

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