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MCO Card: Change the staking to get them!

News of 4 August 2020

After the announcement of wanting delete MCO definitively and activate the swap with 20% CRO for those who do the manual swap within 3 months, the new staking also arrives to have the MCO card.

What to do to get MCO Card

News of August 4th, the parameters to have the MCO cards change, after the announcement of the swap the parameters to have it were immediately changed as it was no longer necessary to have MCO in staking for 6 months but CRO, but this conversion was not made with an automatic but definitely overestimated calculation with a barrage of complaints.

August 4th announces the new plan to get the cards, we report it below.

This is also a brilliant marketing gimmick, there will certainly be a staking race as the prices understood as the number of cro staked in 6 months for cards is very accessible, even for higher cards.

Each card corresponds to a series of benefits and the automatic reward for staking from 14 to 16% per year on Blocked CROs.

Have the new Staking plan cards

crypto - MCO Card: Change the staking to get them!

Sign Up   to the official website  and you will get $ 50 USD if you staking 1000 cro

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