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Megan Thee Stallion donates Bitcoin on Twitter

The link between rap and digital assets is strengthened

The relationship between rap and the cryptographic world seems destined to strengthen considerably. As the case of Megan thee stallion, which is distributing right now Bitcoin via his Twitter profile.
An initiative that is foreseen as part of the collaboration undertaken between the rapper, recently nominated for the Grammy Award, and Cash App, a company in the galaxy Square, that is the company led by Jack Dorsey.

Megan Thee Stallion - Megan Thee Stallion donates Bitcoin on Twitter

Megan Thee Stallion: What's Happening

It was Megan Thee Stallion who announced the distribution of BTC, up to the exhaustion of the fixed quota, equal to one million dollars.
A tweet which was immediately taken up by Jack Dorsey, who in practice is to be considered the creator of the initiative, considered as the Cash App payment system, which operates along the lines of Venmo, is an integral part of Teams.

Who is Megan Thee Square

Megan Thee Square is currently considered one of rap's hottest stars. In November she was rewarded with four Grammy Award nominations, while at the beginning of the year he entered into a collaboration with Cardi B finally resulted in the publication of “WAP”, considered one of the most important songs among those that reached number 1 over the last 30 years. Judgment issued by the team that compiles the rankings of Billboard.

The latest in an ever-growing list

Megan Thee Square is basically just the latest name on a growing list. That is that of the musicians and other personalities of the sector who are giving life to cryptographic initiatives.
A list that only in recent weeks has seen the appearance of Lil Yachty and Dre london. The former promoted its YachtyCoin token, while the latter joined the platform Fyooz in the capacity of consultant. Their example could soon be followed by many others, given that more and more people have decided to exploit the trend.

The link between music and digital assets is getting closer and closer

To better understand what is happening, it is necessary to remember how among the many musical stars who have shown appreciation for the world of cryptocurrencies there are, for example, artists such as Eminem, Soulja Boy e TeeJayx6. Who even mentioned Bitcoin in their songs, becoming a sort of testimonial. In addition to the borderline case represented by TI, arrested earlier this year for promoting a ICO (Initial Coin Ofference) deemed fraudulent by the authorities.

Meanwhile Akoin goes on

Initiatives which, however, have nothing to do with Akoin, the token launched by Akon and marked by a far-reaching project. The plan developed by the popular artist, in fact, aims to deliver to millions of Africans, who currently do not have it, an instrument capable of promoting their financial autonomy. Thus sheltering the practical impossibility of managing one's assets following the refusal of the banking system to speak with these people.
The token is already operating in Africa, where it is turning into a serious competitor for M-Pesa. The money transfer service between users connected to the cellular telephone service born in 2007 on the Safaricom mobile network involves in fact too high transaction costs. Pushing many people to turn to Akoin accordingly, whose rates are much more sustainable.

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