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Melania Trump wishes Bitcoin

- investors in cryptocurrency and Bitcoin they have now spread to almost all sectors and among various prominent personalities. On the other hand, with the rise in digital asset adoption, most people are joining the cryptocurrency investing train to reap the rewards of huge potential growth. Celebrities and government officials from past and present governments globally have certainly not been left behind in this scenario.

Well, the former US first lady, Melania Trump, just gave his congratulatory message to Bitcoin on his 13th birthday. All this - moreover - after launching his personal 'non-fungible token (NFT)' in December 2021.

The former first lady noted Bitcoin's significant market cap, over $ 1 trillion in her message. Then, he wished the Bitcoin Genesis Block a happy celebration of its anniversary.

Trump's tweet received over 8.000 retweets and 30.000 likes within hours. Additionally, the post drew reactions from the cryptocurrency community, such as those of Anthony Pompliano, the co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital, who predicted that the former first lady is likely a Bitcoiner or otherwise connected to the BTC industry.

Other reactions to the former first lady's post outlined some anti-BTC comments from her husband, former US President Donald Trump.

Some retweets recalled how former President Trump actually took an anti-Bitcoin stance multiple times, citing the high volatility of the cryptocurrency's value as an element of contention.

In addition to BTC, former President Trump has lashed out at it Facebook Pound, calling Zuckerberg's digital currency unreliable and stable. He stated that if Facebook wants to operate a bank, it should follow the recognized and regulatory procedure.

Before now, Melania Trump officially advertised its Non-Fungible Token Platform (NFT) in December 2021. He then regularly deposited your main digital collectible token, known as Melania's Vision.

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