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Meme coin: the challenge between Dogecoin and Shiba Inu ignites

In the last few hours, the distances between the two tokens have narrowed

The whole internal challenge to meme coins has literally flared up over the last few hours. The great growth of Shiba Inu, in fact, seems to have caused a surge of pride in the vast community that moves behind Dogecoin. The result was a real white weapon duel, which saw the two tokens position practically on the same level, with an almost similar market capitalization. So much so that many observers wonder what could happen in the near future.

Shiba Inu Coin OKEx Binance - Meme coin: the challenge between Dogecoin and Shiba Inu ignites

The extraordinary growth of Shiba Inu

La growth of Shiba Inu indeed arouses a great impression. If the token had initially benefited from the misunderstanding generated by one of Elon Musk's many tweets on Dogecoin, it was then the listing on Coinbase. Which, as happens every time a token is listed on a exchange, has made its foundations even more solid, increasing its reputation.
The decision of the popular cryptocurrency exchange, however, came in mid-September. While the real SHIB boom came later, confirming the fact that we are now in the presence of a real phenomenon of custom. Analogous to the one that had favored the Dogecoin boom for long months. DOGEHowever, he doesn't seem to have resigned himself to losing his leadership in the meme coin industry. Giving signs of renewed vitality over the last few hours.

The renewed verve of Dogecoin

While Shiba Inu continued his run without brakes, entering the Top Ten of CoinMarketCap, Dogecoin in fact showed a renewed strength. Probably the result of the proud reaction of its diverse community, as well as the acknowledgment by many investors who, after all, SHIB doesn't have to be the expected Doge Killer, but can actually turn into a friendly fellow traveler for the older meme coin.
An attitude which has therefore laid the foundations for one extremely intense growth also for the creation of Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer. And, above all, it has disproved a rather bloody narrative, in which the fortunes of one token must necessarily go to the detriment of those of the other. Clearly, there is room on the market for both Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

What could happen now?

Naturally, many are wondering what could happen in the next few hours. While Shiba Inu's run has eased slightly, its trend is still very strong. And, above all, its pace manages to produce truly sensational growth rates. Such as to bring it often to general attention, resulting in a permanent advertising campaign. After all, such as to replicate the same methods that characterized the boom of DOGE.
Which, for its part, no longer seems to be the intended victim of the current trend. Indeed, the growth of both meme coins could continue, to the detriment of other tokens which do not have the same media visibility, at least at the moment.

The stone guest

In this situation, there is also another factor to consider. That is to say Elon Musk, who may soon decide to take part in the battle, with his now traditional tweets in support of Dogecoin. The billionaire of South African origins, in fact, seems to stand out at this moment like a guest of stone. If he too breaks the delay, the challenge between the meme coins could turn into a real show.

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