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Mercury will use Ripple's On-Demand Liquidity system

Another important agreement for the Californian company

Mercury, an international payments platform, will use the On-Demand Liquidity system of Ripple. The news has started to circulate in the last few hours, following the approval of the regulator of the fintech sector in South Africa.
The agreement also provides for the involvement ofexchange VALR and aims toreduction of commissions and technical times necessary for banking transactions. An objective which, moreover, has been pursued with great vigor since its debut by Ripple.
This is a significant blow in terms of image, at a time when the Californian company is facing the lawsuit filed by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. In particular arising from the sale of unauthorized securities by Ripple Labs. A story still in progress and that continues to hang like a sword of Damocles, despite the attitude of security that leaks from the company.

ripple - Mercury will use Ripple's On-Demand Liquidity system

Ripple: what is happening?

Ripple's resilience is a major surprise. Especially in light of the gloomy forecasts that had been made by many parties once the news of the lawsuit filed by the SEC against him leaked.
If 2020 had closed with very positive numbers, starting with over 3 billion transactions on RippleNet, five times more than in the previous year, 2021 opened under the best auspices, especially in the Asian area that looks to the 'Pacific Ocean. Where it is noted above all theclose agreement with Mobile Money.
Confirming, according to some, the fact that the legal procedure in question has no particular relevance in the history of the company, which has always been projected outside the US territory.

Ripple's acquisition of 40% of Tranglo

Another notable blow for Ripple was theacquisition of a minority stake in Tranglo, an Asian payment network. According to analysts, the purchase of 40% of the company is able to help the penetration of the company led by Brad Garlinghouse also in Philippines and in other Southeast Asian countries.
Once the operation is completed, which requires approval by local authorities, the man hired by Ripple to act as an intermediary between the two realities, Brooks Entwistle, will join the board of directors, along with Ripple's vice president of Product and Delivery, Amir Sarhangi.
All within one ever stronger affirmation on emerging markets evidently seen as a fundamental step by Ripple's management.

XRP continues to grow

Meanwhile, XRP continues to grow, despite the SEC lawsuit. It is currently in eighth place in the ranking of CoinMarketCap relative to market capitalization, permanently above the $ 0,60 threshold. A noticeably higher level than what it enjoyed when the news leaked. If it is still a long way from the record levels reached in January 2018, its strength seems to largely belie the gloomy forecasts that prevailed a few weeks ago.
All while trust in the outcome of the lawsuit begins to leak from company sources. However, it remains to be seen what will actually happen in the course of the dispute. In the event of a defeat, in fact, it appears difficult that the project is not forced to pay consequences not only in terms of image, but also in practical terms. Starting from the relationship with the many exchanges crypto who have already removed XRP from their trading.
Precisely for this reason, the cryptographic space continues to watch events with great interest. With a not exactly benevolent attitude towards Ripple.

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