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Miramax and Tarantino strike new agreement for NFT on Pulp Fiction

Collaboration between Miramax e Quentin Tarantino has been incredibly successful over the years, producing some of the films that have made cinema history. And, probably, it was certainly not logical that this extraordinary relationship would end because of the NFT: precisely for this reason the two partners have decided to work together on future digital initiatives, with the two parties agreeing again but… to do what?

At least for now It is unclear what will happen to the original Pulp Fiction NFTs which Tarantino produced in collaboration with The Secret Network. After selling the first example for over $ 1 million, the company stopped and canceled future auctions citing “The extreme volatility of the market".

Such behavior aroused many suspicions but… the reasons for this move were not immediately apparent. Did the problem arise with the Miramax lawyers? Or why did the entity that bought the first NFT have close ties to The Secret Network? Did the collection not attract the necessary attention? Or were the buyers fearful of future Miramax lawsuits?

Until now, The Secret Network's official channels have remained silent on the matter, recycling what used to be Pulp Fiction's NFT Twitter account for a completely different project. Furthermore, the collection's website also appears to be dead. Hence, The Secret Network may no longer be part of the new deal between Miramax and Tarantino.

However, the mystery of the content of this agreement remains. The only certain thing is that "Miramax's lawyers filed a brief statement in court”And that it is a joint declaration of both entities. According to Variety, "the parties have resolved the case and expect to submit the filing documents within two weeks. The parties have decided to leave this story behind and look forward to collaborating on future projects, including any NFTs ".

Pulp Fiction NFT

Recall how Miramax was the production house of "Pulp Fiction" and still holds the rights to the 1994 masterpiece film. On the other hand, however, Tarantino has retained the right to publish the script and the NFTs are based on that historical artifact.

The caveat of the situation was that, according to The Secret Network's system, the owner of the NFT is the only person who can see what's inside the file. This means that Miramax sued without knowing what the content of the NFTs was. Tarantino and The Secret Network were determined to go ahead with the auction and heavily modified the content of the NFTs to make it compliant.

NewsBTC reported on its website that "the people involved in the sale have deleted all images related to Pulp Fiction and replaced them with only text or high contrast images by Quentin Tarantino himself". The content of NFTs has also changed, now The Secret Network describes them as "chapters of this historical document in a unique NFT publication. Each NFT in the collection consists of a single iconic scene and a personalized audio commentary by Tarantino himself ”.

In short, still little is clear in this story ...

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