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NASCAR rejects sponsorship from LGBCoin

The token is the crypto transposition of Let's go Brandon, the anti Biden slogan

Le cryptocurrency burst into the American political scene again. The latest news in this sense comes from the car circuit NASCAR, who has decided to prevent a Brandon Brown, one of its pilots, using a sponsorship by LGBCoin. The reason for the decision is to be found in the fact that the token was in practice launched with precise polemical intentions against Joe Biden. So let's take a closer look at the issue.

Capitol Hill - NASCAR rejects LGBCoin sponsorship

Let's go Brandon: what happened previously?

As is now known, Let's go Brandon is a real insult aimed at the current tenant of the White House. It became so in October, when the shouts from Donald's supporters Trump against Joe Biden during the sustained match a Talladega, Alabama, were thus transformed by the reporter interviewing winner Brandon Brown.
An attitude which has exacerbated the question, instead of softening the tone. Just think in this sense of what happened on 24th December, during the traditional telephone appointment managed by Norad (North American Aerospace Defense Command). On that occasion, in fact, one of Biden's interlocutors ended communication with the insult going viral in the United States.

The issue continues to stir US politics

A new act of the ongoing war between the extreme right and the President has arrived in the past few days, right inside NASCAR. The circuit, in fact, has decided to reject the sponsorship of LGBCoin, the token born on the insult to Biden, in favor of Brandon Brown himself. A clearly tense decision a do not turn what is a sports competition into a political arena.
In all likelihood, however, Donald Trump's supporters will have an easy time turning this longing for peace into an authoritarian trend in place. After all, the US supremacist and extremist right wing has made extensive use of propaganda over the last few years. Now, however, cryptocurrencies are also affected by what is happening.

The passion of the right-wing stars and stripes for cryptocurrencies

LGBCoin is just one of the many fronts opened by supporters of <br><br>Donald Trump on the slope crypto. A real contradiction, in the light of never hidden aversion of the tycoon to digital assets. Not shared, clearly, by the extremist right.
The token inspired by the insult to Biden was immediately pumped by Trump fans. Which have given rise to many support initiatives for Trumpian candidates financed by virtual money. A second token was then joined to it, much less nuanced: F * ck Joe Biden (FJB). For now, these are very marginal projects, however, as right-wing extremists are using the Bitcoin in order to unfold their web.

Bitcoin as a form of financing

FJB was immediately adopted by the student activist Ryan Fournier, moreover depicted on the token. Even in this case, however, with poor results, so much so that the currency is completely irrelevant at the moment. The reason is to be found in the fact that the right-wing extremist movements had previously identified Bitcoin as the most suitable tool to finance themselves and bypass the closure of the accounts operated by the authorities against them.
This is quite evident in the case of Andrew Anglin, the infamous founder of the neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer. Who ha received a whopping $ 5 million in Bitcon, since January 2017, in the form of donations.

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