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NEO, beware of scams on Telegram

Attempts to scam social media are rampant

Neo token - NEO, beware of scams on Telegram

Fraudsters are literally tireless. After putting in place one Twitter scam inviting users to send Bitcoin on addresses they control, enticing them with the promise to return twice as much as received by post, now they bet on NEO. It was precisely the cryptocurrency working group that warned of what is happening, stating that a scam is underway that aims to deceive its users on Telegram.

NEO: what is happening

The statement in question was posted on NEO's Twitter account. The notice disclosed the details of the scam, revealing that organizers are promoting a 1 million euro NEO contest.
In addition to alerting the community, the company also recalled that extreme care must be taken in all operations that involve the use of their sensitive data. The reference is in particular to private keys to the wallet, which must be kept in such a way that they never end up in the wrong hands. This is too often overlooked.

NEO: the modalities of the scam in place

To try to make the matter better, the warnings also highlighted screenshots. In one of them it is noted that the scammers did not limit themselves to the creation of a fake Telegram NEO channel, but they even went on to create entire fraudulent websites. All aimed at attracting naive or at least distracted users. The sites launched for the occasion, in fact, are full of errors in the text, as well as using a font different from that of the official NEO website.
Basically, the scammers offer 1 million tokens to NEO fans scattered around the globe. Until the offer is exhausted, the only condition to receive them is to send 50 NEOs to the organizers, who in turn in return they would send an amount 10 times higher than the amount deposited.

It has already happened on Twitter

The scheme implemented with NEO is practically the same that has been discussed for days, what has seen as Twitter theater. Where they have been hacked hundreds of profiles of well-known personalities from politics, business and entertainment (including Elon Musk, Joe Biden, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Michael Bloomberg, Warren Buffett and Justin Sun) with the subsequent publication of invitations to send Bitcoins to receive double in exchange.
A scheme therefore already known, which however did not deceive many people even in its original version. From the data published on Forbes would amount to approx 120 thousand dollars received from 355 donors, demonstrating the fact that the warning continues to use prudence in the interactions that take place online begins to give its effects.

Online scams: a lot of caution is needed

The case reported by NEO is only the latest in order of time. For months now there has been a continuous succession of attempts in this direction, which are arousing considerable concern. Especially in the cryptographic environment, considering that just the virtual currencies are exploited for these scams.
The damage that follows from their reputation is actually huge. Precisely for this reason, the NEO development team immediately took action to stop this attempt. Which, surely, will not be the last.

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