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Novi: the arrival of the new Libra digital wallet announced with tweets

Novi - Novi: the arrival of the new Libra digital wallet announced with tweets

Il Digital Wallet di Pound will take the name of Novi, this is what was announced by the former Calibra through a tweet. The name of the Libra wallet has been changed, however the same mission is still maintained: the creation of a World Wild Wallet which allows you to make money work the best way around the world. Novi also has a dedicated website where you can admire the interface of the new wallet. This is what was written in the tweet. 

Novi in ​​appearance it seems as simple as a wallet. There are no QR Codes and public keys, to send money through this you just need to access the contacts address book through one of the group's apps such as: Whatsapp, Messenger and Facebook. 

Novi therefore presents itself as an application that can be downloaded directly from the Apple Store or Google Play, but also as an integration of the messaging apps like Messenger and WhatsApp. 

As stated about a year ago by Mark Zuckerberg, Libra's main purpose was to be the simplified exchange of money, as if we were exchanging a photo.

Novi is therefore a simple wallet accessible to everyone.

Libra Novi Wallet: how does it work?

The new Novi wallet allows you to add money which will be converted into Libra for sending money to friends, relatives and recipients who are located all over the world. With the Novi wallet just select the amount you want to send, check any commission costs and proceed with the transfer. In addition, for sending money can be also accompanied by a personalized message.

With or without a message, the money is transferred immediately. The highly simplified system, even for those who do not know well cryptocurrency. With this tool, in fact, the money received can remain in the digital wallet or converted into the currency that best suits it.

Novi can subsequently be used as soon as possible also to pay in Libra day-to-day transactions, where Libra will also be accepted as a payment method. In the launch phase, Novi and Libra, supports the exchange with a single dollar, with the pound sterling and the euro. 

The Libra wallet does not currently indicate how much the costs of the commissions for the transfer of money will amount, but you can view them directly using the app thanks to the system that allows you to check fees. There will therefore be no surprises as to what is sent and what the recipient will receive.

How will Novi work in the security field?

In the field of security, sore point of the Libra cryptocurrencygiven the precedents due to Cambridge Analytica, Novi actually promises that there will be a lot of attention to safety. In fact, Novi promises that its customers will be verified by means of official documents, that it will have anti-fraud devices, and in any case we undertake to refund users in the event of an accident. 

Finally, Novi ensures that the data of each transaction will be safe and available for viewing only by the user. Also, to use Novi, Facebook registration is not required, but just upload an identity document.

However, Novi is still under construction, but you can already register and you can use the wallet as soon as it becomes available.

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