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Nexo and Litecoin agreement: a partnership to increase the adoption of cryptocurrencies

The agreement between Nexo and Litecoin has allowed to start a partnership aimed at increasing the adoption of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain.

Nexo - Nexo and Litecoin agreement: a partnership to increase the adoption of cryptocurrencies

Agreement between Nexo and Litecoin for a new partnership designed to increase the adoption of digital currencies and the system blockchain. Nexo presents itself as a leading company in the sector in the field of financial institutions and digital assets. Instead, Litecoin is among the cryptocurrency longer lasting after of course i Bitcoin, and to date has a capitalization of $ 3 billion. With the their union Litecoin and Nexo they aim to create a financial market that is more equitable.

Surely this is an achievable purpose especially with the partnership of Nexus, as currently its financial activities have led the platform to raise up to $ 3 billion in transactions over the past two years. There are 800 thousand users trading on the platform, 13 years in the industry and available in as many as 200 jurisdictions.

Active for 13 years, since 2018 Nexo is oriented in carrying out professional services in the banking field and in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. This is allowing it to create a new system in the digital financial field, which will allow the revolution also in the loan sector. A field where the use of the DeFi.

It is no coincidence that Nexo has decided to create a partnership together with the blockchain which at the moment does not seem interested in a decentralized finance system. 

The partnership between Nexo and Litecoin actually started in 2019. This has been added since this date as a collateral to Nexo. Since then, users have been able to earn interest ranging from 5% to 10% on Litecoin, by joining the program that takes the name of “Earn in Crypto & Fiat ". 

Nexo also participated in partnership with other cryptocurrencies and companies in the sector such as Tron, Huobi and chainlink. With Litecoin, Nexo wants to expand and build an ecosystem that is increasingly sustainable and strong.

Nexo co-founder and partner manager, Antoni Trenchev stated that they are honored to be able to formalize the work with the Litcoin Foundation, after an earlier success story. LTC is one of the oldest digital currencies, a historical brand in the field of cryptocurrencies. For this we are excited to be able collaborate in its future growth. 

Litecoin creator Charlie Lee said instead: we are really excited to be able to give cryptocurrency users a way to be able to grow their holdings. We are happy to be able to work with Nexo and consider this a starting point and innovation for the future. 

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