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NFT, now it's the sportsmen who go to the box office

Among them also Leo Messi is ready to exploit them

Between sport and NFT, non-fungible tokens, love seems to have broken out. A naturally interested relationship, driven by the interest of companies in the sector to find new sources of financing capable of replacing and then supplementing box office revenues, but which nevertheless promises to be prolific.
In particular, the sports that have benefited from this trend are the football and basket, thanks to the fan base they have at their disposal.
Now, however, it seems that even the athletes have decided to open this new front, adding NFTs to salary and proceeds from sponsorships and image rights. As can be deduced from the move of Leo Messi, the Argentine striker who has just moved from Barcelona to Paris Saint Germain.

Leo Messi - NFT, now it's the sportsmen who go to the box office

Leo Messi launches his NFTs on Ethernity

In the days preceding his sensational move, Leo Messi, has decided to launch its NFTs on the Ethernity digital market. In practice, those who want to participate in the auctions related to their non-fungible tokens can pre-register to be notified when they will start.
The news was practically obscured from the real thing bedlam which was staged around his farewell to Barcelona with subsequent arrival at Paris Saint Germain, but it is indeed a remarkable event. La Pulce, in fact, is the strongest active player and is considered one of the best of any era. In addition to being undoubtedly the highest paid ever and by far, in the light of over 150 million euros per year that have been assured by the Catalans in recent seasons.

Messi is only the most striking case

If Messi is destined to make headlines, for better or for worse, it should also be emphasized that after all he represents only the classic tip of the iceberg. In fact, more and more athletes are becoming aware of the opportunities offered by the exploitation of blockchain for offering products under its own license.
Among those who did it first it should be mentioned Rob Gronkowski, tight end of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, National Football Association (NFL) franchise. Which he sold his collection on OpenSea for 1,6 million dollars.
Imitated by Tom Brady, the quarterback of the same team, who created his own club, Autograph. In which it involved prominent names such as Eddy Cue (former Apple executive), entrepreneur Richard Rosenblatt, Jon Feltheimer (CEO of Lionsgate), Michael Rapino (CEO of Live Nation Entertainment), Jason Robins and Paul Liberman (co-founders of DraftKings ) and Dawn Ostroff (Spotify's Chief Content Officer).

A relationship destined to consolidate

The relationship between the world of sport and Non Fungible Tokens is a relationship destined to consolidate over the next few years. And it is precisely the athletes who seem destined to take greater advantage of this new earning opportunity. At least those most receptive to innovation, such as, Alphonso Davies, the Bayern Munich defender, or the tennis player Andy Murray. Ready to turn the relationship with their fans into hard cash.
Especially those who are engaged in single disciplines, who can count on a greater loyalty than those who play team sports. The latter are subject to controversy relating to their passage from one company to another, perhaps seen as smoke in the eyes by those previously acquired. A trend now ready to explode, making NFT an increasingly important market.

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