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Now Elon Musk sets out to bring Dogecoin to the moon, with SpaceX

Tesla founder returns to tweet about the meme coin

Many wondered when Elon Musk would come back to tweet about Dogecoin. The wait ended just in these hours, when the founder and CEO of Tesla gave life to a new message on Twitter. Claiming that SpaceX, his spaceflight company, will bring the meme coin to the moon.
If the meaning of the tweet is not clear, which could be a simple, but apt April Fool's Day, the results on DOGE were immediately felt. The token, in fact, has given rise to a rapid growth in its price. Which in the last few hours is following a physiological folding. Over the last 24 hours, however, the balance is positive for about 11% and led Dogecoin in 18th place in the ranking of CoinMarketCap.

Elon Musk Dogecoin - Now Elon Musk sets out to bring Dogecoin to the moon, with SpaceX

Elon Musk's tweets are now to be equated with pump and dump

Leon Musk's new tweet, as usual a harbinger of wide benefits for the subject of the message, is naturally destined to provoke a new discussion and even further controversy.
In fact, by now the number one of Tesla and SpaceX is from many quarters indicated as a real factor capable of influencing the markets. Like the pump and dump of the redditors of WallStreetBets, which led to dramatic results earlier this year.
A behavior which, however, is considered by many not suited to the role of Musk. Also because his tweets on Bitcoin, for example, they push for a growth in the BTC quotation which he is the first to use. Especially after thepurchase of a quantity of tokens equal to one and a half billion dollars by Tesla. On which the gain made in a few weeks exceeds one billion dollars!

The bot on Elon Musk's tweets

To establish the link between Elon Musk's tweets and the Bitcoin listing was a London cryptocurrency trader, Andrei Badoiu. Who has decided to launch a program which proceeds to purchase Bitcoin every time the Tesla CEO issues a message on social media relating to the icon of Satoshi Nakamoto.
The bot immediately attracted the attention of many people on Reddit and GitHub, as in practice, once the message has been intercepted, it is able to proceed with the purchase of the desired amount of Bitcoins in a few seconds. In this way it is able to intercept the formation of the trend before the price increases. Thus managing to optimize the operation. Enough to generate one real position income.

And if now a bot arrives also on Dogecoin?

Of course, the bot that links Musk's BTC statements to his purchase could soon be used as a model to launch one identical tool, but aimed at Dogecoin. It should also be emphasized that similar software already exists, based on the statements of some celebrities, or important exponents of the economic or political world.
In the meantime, however, Dogecoin laughs and continues to climb the rankings relative to market capitalization. If its founders, Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, say they are even horrified by its success, the meme coin seems intent on continuing its climb to the top. Always on the edge of that irony that his supporters like so much and which has made it a real mass phenomenon.

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