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Now Justin Sun wants to take advantage of TikTok for Tron

Justin Sun - Justin Sun now wants to take advantage of TikTok for Tron

What happened in the past hours, with Dogecoin  literally carried upwards by a careful use of TikTok, has tickled the curiosity of Justin Sun.
The controversial founder of Tronin fact, he seems to have been particularly impressed by the advertising power shown by the Chinese social network, enough to declare his intention to pump his creation as it did for Dogecoin.

What has happened in the past hours

In the past few hours, a curious contest has started between TikTok and content creators. Who have decided to focus their efforts on the now famous creation of Billy Markus with the declared intent to increase its price up to a dollar. A fully successful intent, with a rally which allowed Dogecoin to climb several positions in the Coinmarketcap ranking relating to market capitalization.

Justin Sun's statement

In this context, the statement released by Justin Sun on Twitter, which does not seem to leave too much room for the imagination: “Starting today, we'll focus on more TIK TOK content… stay tuned for #TRON videos going viral! #TRX @tiktok_us ".
Given the determination of the founder of Tron, it is therefore to be expected a very pressing use of the platform, with the specific intent to fuel the fortunes of Tron.
However, this method seems quite questionable to some observers and experts. Starting from Phillip Christenson, Chartered Financial Analyst at Phillip James Financial, who claimed to expect a intervention of the SEC in order to avoid what appears to be a sort of preordained scheme. An intervention which, however, does not seem to have the prerequisites to be realized.

The troubles of TikTok

Speaking of TikTok, however, the US offensive against the Chinese social network should be underlined. There Federal Trade Commission and Justice Department The allegations that a 2019 agreement to protect the privacy of children under the age of 13. Once you have entered information on this particular user group, it would not be possible to remove it.
To many, the story seemed only the umpteenth act of the United States' war against the China, if you think that the app has been accused of passing the data relating to US users to the Beijing government. An accusation that TikTok continues to reject and that is paired with the one raised by the Indian government, of the same content.

The threat of Mike Pompeo

Even the secretary of state Mike Pompeo went so far as to declare the possibility of ban TikTok in his country, raising the suspicion that everything represents just another result of a strategy aimed at making people forget the many troubles of the Washington government, in particular those relating to the events of Minneapolis, with the movement Black Lives Matter the offensive on the whole national territory, and the policies of contrast to Covid.
In practice China would have been identified as external relief valve to try to break a prolonged phase of difficulty for the current tenant of the White House. A strategy which, however, seems difficult to breathe Trump, especially in light of the rumors about a possible according to lockdown, which could prove lethal for the stars and stripes economy precisely in the phase preceding the presidential elections in November.

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