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OKCoin joins the Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance

A move aimed at Craig Wright?

THEexchange di cryptocurrency OKCoin has decided to join the Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance (COPA). That is to the association founded by Square in September 2020. Which asks its members to make their patents freely available for universal use, except in special circumstances. COPA members are also required to group their cryptocurrency-related patents into a veritable "patent library". Therefore, in line with what the intentions of democratizing the cryptographic space have been since the beginning.

OKCoin - OKCoin joins the Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance

The stance against Craig Wright

OKCoin had already been talked about a lot last week. When the trading platform had taken a stand against Craig Wright, following his attempt to appropriate the copyright of the Bitcoin white paper. The self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto, now branded by the crypto community as the Faketosh, he had in fact ordered Square, Bitcoin. Org e to remove the document from their sites.
A move which, however, had provoked the prompt response of OKCoin, which had provided the delisting of Bitcoin Satoshi Vision e Bitcoin Cash. Claiming that the Australian businessman's sudden moves have effectively poisoned the wells. In addition to going in a direction that could ultimately prove destructive to the entire BTC ecosystem.

What is OKCoin's decision due to

OKCoin's moves go in the direction indicated by the COPA. Which was born with the specific intent of block the so-called patent trolling, or the practice of acquiring a patent, often with no intention of developing its potential, with the simple intent of collecting money from entities that violate it.
A modus operandi destined to cause great annoyance in a community such as that gathered around digital assets. Which from the beginning has moved in a perspective open source, that is, trying to give life to an open system to which everyone can make their contribution.
It should be emphasized that OKCoin is in practice only the second crypto exchange to join COPA. The other is Coinbase, who was one of the founders of the association. Among the other members of the alliance should also be mentioned Blockstack, Blockstream, ARK and Protocol Labs.

Craig Wright now moves like the classic elephant in glassware

Craig Wright's recent stance against a number of subjects, culminating in the intimation to remove the Bitcoin white paper from its sites in order not to violate copyright law, has therefore resulted inbeginning of a new conflict. An atmosphere which, moreover, Faketoshi seems to be more and more at ease.
For years now, in fact, Wright has been involved in an unknown number of lawsuits. Against eminent representatives of the world crypto which, in turn, do not ask to be asked to respond in kind. A war in which he often loses all measure, exposing himself to not exactly brilliant figures. As it happened during the dispute that was brought against him by Ira Kleiman in relation to the Tulip Trust. On that occasion, in fact, Wright claimed to have the keys to a series of Bitcoin addresses attributable to the structure. One of these, however, was used for divert funds in the course of the hacking attack on Mt. Gox, the largest global exchange, in 2014. Hence self-denunciation as the hacker responsible for the attack.

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