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OneCoin, the scam is about to become a movie

Among the performers there will be Kate Winslet

The saga of OneCoin is preparing to give further strokes of the tail. The story of the Ponzi scheme conceived in Bulgaria will be brought to the big screen by Scott Z. Burns, director already known for directing “Report” and “Contagion”.
To produce the film will be among others Jen McAdam, one of the many victims of the scam, who wrote the book about it "Fake!", four hands with Douglas Thompson. To play the part of the female protagonist will be an absolute star, that is Kate Winslet. An extraordinary business card for a film that could prove very useful.

OneCoin: what is it?

OneCoin is the company founded by Ruja Ignatova in 2014. Connecting immediately as the most classic of the pyramid schemes. And basing his fortune on a very specific perspective: that of being the new Bitcoin. A promise that immediately attracted a large number of naive investors, as has already happened several times in the past.
A scam which should have been immediately perceived as such, if you think that there was not one behind the project blockchain or a network capable of supporting the project.

The judicial affair

When the scam became public, Ignatova was accused of electronic fraud, securities fraud and money laundering, in May of 2020. The woman, renamed Crypto Queen, however, he had already lost his tracks three years earlier.
The investigators remained in the hands of the brother, Konstantin, who agreed to testify against the woman to escape the same accusations. Billions of dollars would have been lost in the scam. Including about 300 thousand of Jen McAdam, her family and friends. Pushing her not only to write “Fake!”, But also to start a support group for these people and others involved in the scam.

OneCoin: perpetrators face up to 90 years in prison

Both brothers still have to answer in another lawsuit against them, the one brought by the US Department of Justice (DoJ). Under which they risk up to 90 years in prison.
However, the market regulators should also be on the dock. Which have been slow in taking action, despite the repeated warnings of those who had immediately noticed the similarity with the classic Ponzi scheme. Just think in that sense that in the UK it is still possible to sell OneCoin. It was to declare it On Yavin, founder and CEO of Cointelligence, a site which aims to educate the public about the blockchain.

The Bitcoin Killer has killed the unwary

Ignatova had prepared an extremely aggressive strategy, pitting OneCoin against BTC. So much to define it "Bitcoin Killer". Unfortunately, the savings of so many people who have recklessly given faith to women have been practically exterminated.
Estimates are still ongoing. If the current class action has accumulated $ 4,4 billion, some sources even indicate 19,4 billion stolen. For now, 267 million have been recovered by Chinese law enforcement agencies, as stated by the private investigation agency digitpol.
However, the story is still far from the conclusion and, indeed, risks taking on colossal dimensions. With many people who could end their careers with scams in prison, without leaving it.

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