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Paris Saint Germain announces a multi-year partnership with

For the Parisian company still an agreement with companies in the sector

Il Paris Saint-Germain (also known by the acronym of PSG) announced a multi-year agreement with,exchange di cryptocurrency fastest growing in the world, already known in our country for having sponsored the last cup final Italy.
The collaboration undertaken predicts that the company will not only become the official partner of the club's cryptocurrency platform, but will also release exclusive non-fungible tokens on its native NFT platform, A real coup for the exchange, considering the uproar that is arousing the Parisian club with its purchasing policy which is literally cannibalizing the football international.

crypto - Paris Saint Germain announces a multi-year partnership with

Lionel Messi's hot summer

Over the course of the summer, the world of football, and beyond, was made to sound by the news of the acquisition of Leo Messi by Paris Saint Germain. La Pulce, in fact, after closing his relationship with Barcelona, ​​immediately found a new home in Paris. Ove has reconstituted the couple with the Brazilian Neymar who had already enchanted in Catalonia.
The Argentine ace, however, represented the classic tip of the iceberg of a market in some ways scandalous. While practically all the world clubs have been forced to limit investments or even to sell their best pieces, as done for example by Inter Milan, PSG signed big players like Gianluca Donnarumma, Georginio Wijnaldum, Sergio Ramos and Achraf Hakimi. Trusting also in the real laxity of UEFA in the face of an unparalleled greed.

This is nothing new for Paris Saint Germain

The agreement with it is nothing new for the transalpine team. PSG, in fact, has already launched an agreement with, for its fan token. Which was the subject of considerable suspicion during the negotiations with Leo Messi. Subscribed by about 16 thousand users, it allowed the Parisian company to earn 121 million dollars.
An unapproachable figure, for example, from Barcelona, which also counts on a much greater mass of users of its fan token. So much so as to push some observers to say that the Non Fungible Token was used for the umpteenth case of financial doping by a company that seems to have no qualms about using its immense economic resources. With the risk of making the much heralded farce a farce Financial Fair Play carried out by UEFA over the last few years. Respected by some, but certainly not by the football clubs led by the sheikhs.

For cryptocurrencies, sport represents a remarkable showcase

By now for companies engaged in the crypto scene, sport is an extremely relevant showcase. Thanks to which digital assets can make themselves known more and more, tickling the curiosity of billions of people located in every corner of the globe.
An interest which found the clubs very well disposed, especially the football ones, now ballasted by a mountain of debt. In fact, Covid, leading to the closure of the stadiums, has further aggravated a situation that was already dramatic, precisely because of the absurd expenses of previous years. It is news of these hours that the Italian Football Federation has decided to postpone some important tax deadlines. Going to meet companies like Inter who are even late in paying their salaries. Which will be able to continue to postpone payments without any penalty in the ranking, as has been the case up to now.

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