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Pornhub opens to Bitcoin and Litecoin

Pornhub, the ninth most visited website in the world, has announced that it will accept Bitcoin e Litecoin as payment options for its premium service.

The site became a pioneer in the cryptocurrency ecosystem in 2018, when it was the first adult website to accept multiple digital currencies, and since then, Pornhub has continued to expand its range of options payment criptovalutario, so today users can already pay with Verge, horizen, Tron, Tether e PumaPay. In addition, the company also offers models the choice of payment in cryptography. The move was a response to the crackdown on PayPal against NSFW content creators late last year: an event that saw a protest from liberals, who accused PayPal of discriminating against sex workers. Furthermore, the company has taken an additional stance of criticism for stifling personal freedoms through censorship.

In response, a spokesperson for Pornhub he said PayPal's decision only perpetuates the prejudice against sex workers. As such, the company will continue to study alternative payment methods, including cryptocurrency.

"Decisions such as that of PayPal and other large companies do nothing but damage efforts to end discrimination and stigmatization against sex workers - a statement reads - Although we still have several payment methods available, we will continue to add more and explore cryptocurrency options in the near future ”.

With the announcement that Bitcoin and Litecoin will be accepted for premium services, the relationship between technology and porn has therefore never seemed stronger.

Of course, much remains to be done. According to Pornhub Vice President Corey Price, less than 1% of users pay for the premium service using cryptocurrency.

However, things could now change thanks to the addition of BTC and LTC, considering that while Pornhub has added other cryptocurrency options, none compare to the world's best-known cryptocurrency or Litecoin, in terms of brand power, market capitalization or number of wallet.

As such, Bitcoin and Litecoin are likely to further strengthen Pornhub's drive to shake the taboo image of porn.

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