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PumpCoin: Lil Pump also launches its cryptocurrency

Fyooz is about to announce yet another initiative related to rap

Even the famous rapper Lil pump has decided to join the stars of the industry who have decided to take advantage of the opportunities related to digital assets. The initiative he undertaken in collaboration with the platform fyooz, provides for the launch of a cryptocurrency, the PumpCoin, which will allow the many fans who want to join it to play directly with the rapper, as well as interact with him in other ways. Which, however, have not yet been specified.

Lil Pump - PumpCoin: Lil Pump also launches its cryptocurrency

The collaboration with the Vinklevoss twins

To carry out the operations envisaged as part of the collaboration with Lil Pump, Fyooz has decided to rely on Nifty gateway, the company of Vinklevoss twins. With the express purpose of issuing a One-of-one NFT modeled on the PumpCoin. Non-fungible tokens are basically collectible assets based on blockchain and have already been launched last month, when it made its debut in the crypto sector Lil Yachty. In his case, one was launched ICO (Initial Coin Offering) which led to the sale of nearly $ 400 in YachtyCoins.
A representative of Fyooz also specified that the PumpCoins will be available exclusively to fans of the artist located outside the United States. Where, on the other hand, it is not possible to give rise to initiatives of this type due to the laws passed by the SEC.

Who is Lil Pump

Lil Pump is it pseudonym of Gazzy Garcia, born in Miami on August 17, 2000. Among the main exponents of the so-called new school, he characterizes his songs with a typically trap sound. Its fame derives above all from the great success of Gucci Gang, a song that reached third place on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2017, providing it four platinum discs. To which must be added I Love It (in duet with Kanye West), Drug Addicts, Esskeetit, D Rose and Boss.

His controversial support for Donald Trump

In addition to the numerous judicial sales collected in recent years, Lil Pump is back on the news pages for his controversial support for Donald Trump, during the recent US presidential campaign.
Unlike many other black artists engaged in the Black Live Matters movement, the Florida rapper has decided to support the outgoing president despite the fact that he is considered close to white supremacists. Ending up in the media mincer when Trump introduced him at an event like Little Pimpinviting him to speak.

Music stars and cryptocurrencies

More and more stars of the music scene are opting for cryptocurrencies. Lil Pump, in fact, joins a list that in the past few hours had been enriched with the presence of Megan thee stallion, which has distributed a million dollars in Bitcoin via Twitter. With the declared purpose of being able to interact effectively with their fans, at a time when the Covid pandemic makes contacts complicated.
It should also be pointed out as for Lil Pump this is not a real debut in this sector. In fact, during 2019, his online merchandising store began to accept Bitcoin payments. An initiative which must have been greeted with considerable success, considering how now PumpCoin is about to arrive to strengthen the link with digital assets.

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