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Ray Dalio: Bitcoin will be outlawed by governments

A prediction or a provocation?

Bitcoin it will be outlawed by governments: to formulate this prediction is a name of no small importance, that is Ray Dalio. The founder of the investment fund Bridgewater Associates he did so during a recent podcast, stating that even the cryptographic icon will go the way of other safe-haven assets by being banned.
The reason for this ostracism is to be found in the fact that governments they intend to monopolize the issuance of money. The digital one would endanger this monopoly, since it is managed by non-centralized entities. As a result, BTC will be a sacrificial victim in this regard, as gold has been in the past.

Ray Dalio - Ray Dalio: Bitcoin will be outlawed by governments

A very articulate position

The words spoken by Ray Dalio must be taken very seriously. Just as pronounced by a a character who is absolutely not against cryptocurrencies, so much so that he has invested in them.
His position is very articulated and takes into account above all factors of a political nature. The same ones who in the past prompted him to highlight Bitcoin skepticism, without however avoiding investing in it.
If in the past his criticisms of virtual money were aimed in particular at too pronounced volatility, in this case the the basis of his reasoning is of a political nature. Taking up what has already been stated in an interview granted to Yahoo FinanceDalio recalled that governments have no intention of coexisting with entities capable of creating competition of a monetary nature. A reasoning which, in fact, does not make a turn, especially in the light of what happened to Facebook.

Facebook's precedent seems to prove Ray Dalio right

As is well known, Facebook has been working on the launch of its cryptocurrency for some time now. The project, however, was born as Pound and then transformed into diem, since its appearance has aroused great opposition in the political world. Enough to push the working group to modify it profoundly, to try to break the resistance. However, with poor results.
In particular, it was precisely the ambitions expressed initially that caused the stomach ache of the institutions. In which more than someone has recognized a kind of supra-state entity, such as to propose itself as something autonomous. A form of autonomy made even more dangerous by the use of a currency, albeit digital.
What happened to Facebook should push us to take Ray Dalio's claims very seriously.

Could the Bitcoin shield come from big investors?

In the case of Bitcoin, however, unexpected help could come from big investors. That is from a world which, at the beginning, had not failed to express its opposition to cryptocurrencies.
If Ray Dalio represents a non-striking case of investor in digital assets, there are personalities from the economic and financial world who have instead decided to make a big commitment. Just think in this sense a Elon Musk, which not only has invested in BTC and Dogecoin, but also for a time included the icon crypto ai payments permitted by Tesla. Except then think again, citing reasons of an environmental nature.
The list in question is not only long, but it tends to grow constantly. A trend favored by the fact that inflation is once again at high levels pushes many to look around in search of assets capable of ensuring greater certainty in this regard. The deflationary nature of Bitcoin is indeed inviting, for this particular user, but politics could represent a significant disturbance.

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