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Cardano released the Shelley update

You enter the Shelley It was for Cardano. It was announced by IOHK the announcement of the new Shelley update of Cardano, a public experiment that presents the new generation dedicated to the blockchain that is based on the Proof of Stake.

To test the new Cardano network, more than 300 stakepools have already been registered, the test participants were also able to delegate the their ADA stake and at the same time earn financial rewards.

Cardano Shelley

With the new Shelley Era we see the evolution of the Cardano network, which has the goal of making the platform for users more rewarding and useful, as well as enhancing it. With this network it was possible to make a step forward also with regards to distribution thanks to a new application ecosystem.

In the future, Shelley will also be followed by the ages: Goguen, Basho and finally Voltaire which will allow the introduction of Smart contract scalable, as well as various governance agreements that will be self-sufficient.

For now we are still in a incentivized testnet moment, but will be brought directly to Cardano's mainnet from the beginning of next year.

After the Byron era comes Shelley Era which constitutes a period of development and growth for the entire Cardano network, and which includes the first steps in order to improve decentralization, all the steps envisaged will still be significant but at the same time gradual.

And this will happen when most of the nodes will be managed by the participants in the network and which will therefore see for Cardano a more decentralized and at the same time more robust and safe.

IOHK's CEO subsequently left a statement stating that: the Incentivized Testnet marks the beginning of the Shelley era of Cardano development, offering a decentralization system, with the delegates of network participants who will be able to earn real rewards.

This important milestone brings us closer to realization of a vision of the decentralized network based on a global and self-sufficient scale. A network that presents itself with performance and functionality to be able to support adoption by companies. This short phase of testnet for the Shelley era will allow the company to perform the right tests to build a stable group of stale pool operators in order to support development and operation. of the decentralized Cardano network.

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