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Ripples stolen: 1,5 million XRB stolen with scams on Youtube

Ripple stolen through sophisticated scams that were carried out on the YouTube online video platform

ripple - Ripple stolen: 1,5 million XRB stolen with scams on Youtube

As reported by XRPlorer, a platform that analyzes the various fraudulent activities that take place on XRP, would have been stolen Ripple thanks to criminal action with scams conducted mainly on Youtube channels. From what the platform reported with these scams, the criminals managed to steal over 1,5 million Ripples, receiving from users that they fell into the trap feedback on their behavior.

Considering at the moment the cost of XRPs is equal to 0,29 dollars, so it would be a scam that allowed them to steal a sum equal to 440 thousand dollars. This, however, considering 55% of the total that was exchanged for cash. In fact, the remaining part would be been recycled on several exchange

Another data that emerged from the research relates precisely to the origin of the various user funds, according to the analysis 60% of Ripples start from Coinbase exchange platform, 25% give wallet private and the rest from different exchanges such as Binance.

The scams that plague the blockchain of Ripple denote how these are a real plague that does not seem to diminish. However, Ripple tries to fight the scammers and criminals who carry out these scams against users to the best of its ability.

Precisely to avoid these scams, Ripple has also organized a section in order to report fake pages that require the sending of Ripples in order to participate in some fictitious airdrops. Not only that, the company also plans to sue Youtube. Because according to XRP lawyers this would not be able to prevent the increase in scams being carried out on its platform on Ripple XRP. 

Seeing the data released by XRPlorer, in any case these are quite alarming and also underline how different users continue to be victims of these traps and how exchanges do not always manage to block cryptocurrency outbound for suspected scam. In fact, exchanges if they experience an attempted scam may not allow the sending of cryptocurrencies at the addresses of criminals. 

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