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Ripple, the collaboration with MoneyGram has officially ended

The announcement was from the Californian company's website

Collaboration between Ripple and MoneyGram, inaugurated in June 2019, is permanently skipped. The announcement was made by the Californian company itself, on its website, stating that the decision was made by mutual agreement. If, of course, Ripple praised the partnership, analysts do not hesitate to define the experience as not particularly exciting. If, in fact, Ripple and Moneygram have elaborated billions of dollars with RippleNet and On-Demand Liquidity (ODL), the decision taken by both finally testified how the technologies in question can be replaced without great regrets.

Ripple - Ripple, the collaboration with MoneyGram has officially ended

An experience that leaves few significant traces

It should also be emphasized that the collaboration was undertaken on the precise input of Ripple. Which did not hesitate to pay incentives of $ 16 million to entice the counterpart to adopt its technology. Thus making the technical aspects of the operation quite negligible.
In these hours, however, more than one observer has been prompted to wonder what role the cause brought by Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States against the company led by Brad Garlinghouse. Concluding that probably the cause of the SEC had a significant weight in the decision. In fact, at this moment many of those who have relations with the Californian company they fear possible retaliation by the supervisory authority of the US financial markets. And to avoid possible trouble, they prefer to cut off relations with what is seen as a plague.

A decision that did not affect the price of XRP

However, it should be emphasized how the announcement made by Ripple has practically had no repercussions on the price of XRP. Which has remained essentially unchanged. According to analysts, the token listing had already discounted the consequences in the days when there was talk of the end of the collaboration with MoneyGram.
It remains of course to understand how much the SEC's willingness to prosecute Ripple Labs, Brad Garlinghouse and Chris Larsen for the sale of unauthorized securities in the United States can weigh on the listing of XRP. Especially if the proceedings were not resolved with an out-of-court settlement, in fact, many retailers may eventually decide to abandon it to its fate. With very serious consequences in terms of bargaining.

Meanwhile, Ripple and YouTube have solved their problems

Meanwhile, at least one judicial front has been positively resolved by Ripple. The company has indeed achieved a agreement with YouTube, in the matter that had seen Brad Garlinghouse decide to sue social media. A decision due to the question of scams which are implemented on YouTube by borrowing the public image of Ripple's CEO. Causing serious image damage not only to him, but to the entire crypto space as well.
As a result of this agreement, the Californian company has decided to withdraw its complaint. Furthermore Ripple and YouTube will allocate funds, the entity of which has not yet been revealed, to a non-profit company operating in the field of work to combat computer fraud. At the same time lending support to the many victims of a now rampant trend.
An issue that had been taken very seriously by Garlinghouse, who had even been threatened violently by some of the victims of these scams. Enough to go so far as to denounce YouTube, accusing the social media of having done nothing to avoid openly fraudulent behavior implemented on its channel.

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