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Ripple would rank 4th among FinTechs, according to CBInsights

Confirmation of ever more intense growth

According to a recent report, Ripple would be al fourth in a list of Fintech companies whose value exceeds one billion dollars in terms of value. In the ranking, drawn up by CBInsights, its corporate valuation would be around 10 billion dollars, leaving the company right at the foot of the podium. Which would consist of Paytm One97 (36 billion dollars), Stripe (39,4) and Lufax (16 billion).
Based on this assessment, therefore, Ripple would be the most valuable crypto company currently in existence. In front of industry giants like CoinBase (8 billion dollars), Robinhood (7,6 billion), Toast (4,9 billion) e Circle (3,5 billion).

ripple - Ripple would rank 4th among FinTechs, according to CBInsights

Reasons for CBInsights' judgment

To motivate the flattering judgment of CBInsights would have been a series of data which demonstrate the continuous growth of Ripple. Starting from over 200 million dollars raised during the funding round launched in 2019 with the specific intent of adapting and expanding its services.
To which the over $ 50 million invested by Ripple in remittance giant MoneyGram, of which it acquired over 10% of all ordinary shares. A move justified by the fact that MoneyGram uses, among other things, RippleNet.
Ripple's growth is then witnessed by the more than 500 employees working in its offices in every part of the globe, including the one just opened in Dubai. In addition to the more than 300 partners that have been collected on RippleNet.

What makes Ripple special

What contributes to making Ripple the real giant it currently is? The company is created with the specific intent of remedying some shortcomings of Bitcoin, in terms of security and speed of transactions. He was immediately noticed for his great attention to the banking world. To which he proposed himself as a service provider capable of increasing the efficiency especially of cross-border payments. While ensuring a significant cost reduction. A factor that has prompted many groups in the sector to launch fruitful collaborations with Ripple.
Over time, however, the management decided to develop a second director as well. The one represented by small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). To which innovative services in the micro-transactions sector were proposed. A decision that seems to be paying off, at least judging by the CBInsights report.

Ripple is preparing to leave the United States?

Ripple recently made headlines for a announcement made by Chris Larsen, former CEO of the company, during an interview with Fortune. According to which the company is on the verge of leaving the United States.
A decision resulting from the increasingly open hostility of the Washington government towards digital currencies. Demonstrated, again according to Larsen, by failure to regulate the sector, which would prevent crypto companies from engaging in long-term plans. Why do they, in fact, if the frame of reference could radically change its direction, suddenly?
A bad mood which seems destined to soon turn into concrete acts. Especially in light of the remarkable development recorded by Ripple over the last few months, which the company wants to try to feed within an ecosystem more favorable to digital assets. It only remains to be seen if thealternation between Donald Trump and Joe Biden it will leave things unchanged or will lead to a change also in relation to virtual money.

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