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Russell Okung vs Elon Musk: "Stick to Space"

The athlete's invitation will be the subject of a real campaign

The continuous social messages of Elon Musk they are starting to annoy more than someone. At least according to what happened in the last few hours, when the founder and CEO of Tesla found himself under the concentric focus by Russell Okung and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the United States. So let's go see what happened.

Russell Okung - Russell Okung vs. Elon Musk: "Stick to Space"

Russell Okung invites Elon Musk to limit himself to space

Real star of the NFL, Russell okung he is now a veteran, when it comes to cryptocurrencies. His interest in digital money is long-standing and has recently resulted in a very particular contract renewal. Which provides for the payment of half of his $ 13 million annual salary in the form of Bitcoin. It is therefore not surprising the evident annoyance with which he reacted to Musk's recent statements against the environmental danger of the token. Which from that moment began a decisive retreat, thus hitting it directly from a financial point of view.
His reaction was consequently very strong. The athlete has in fact decided to inaugurate one campaign in the form of billboards in Miami, Florida ahead of the Bitcoin 2021 conference that takes place over the weekend. These will join others located near the SpaceX launch facility in Brownsville, Texas, and the Tesla factory in Santa Clara, California.

"Stick to Space, Elon!"

Each billboard will feature an image of Okung along with the message "Stick to Space, Elon". That is, a polite invitation to limit yourself to space and let go of those cryptocurrencies that it has only recently begun to deal with. And also wrongly, according to the Carolina Panthers athlete. As, at least according to him, Bitcoin represents a real positive turning point for humanity, and not a threat as would emerge from Musk's words. Which, according to Okung, certainly does not represent an authority on this precise issue.

The SEC against Elon Musk's violations

Even more worrying, however, for the South African-born billionaire, the SEC offensive could prove to be. According to which Musk allegedly violated a court order twice who asked him to submit his tweets for approval by company lawyers before publishing them.
The decision in question dates back to 2018, when Tesla was called to answer for an alleged fraud. A dispute ended precisely with this recommendation which, however, at least according to the commission, the CEO would not have respected.

The SEC may soon be asking Musk to account for his cryptocurrency tweets

If in this case the offending tweets do not concern the cryptographic sector, it should however be emphasized how soon the SEC could also be interested in the Musk's pump and dump against Dogecoin and Bitcoin. Which, according to some, would constitute a disturbance of the markets.
A thesis that is not exactly risky, considering that recently a British trader decided to give life to a muzzle, who buys BTC every time the billionaire tweets about the token. Thus establishing a certain link between his words, often in freedom, and the reactions of the markets. A conduct that, if it has been the subject of strong criticism, from many sides, however, it did not entail any legal consequences. At least until now.

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