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Ryan Selkis vying for the United States Senate in 2024

Messari's founder announced his intention on Twitter

Ryan Selkis, founder of Messari, has announced his decision to enter politics. It will, in particular, running for a seat in the United States Senate in 2024. That is the year in which the country will be called to decide on the possible successor of Joe Biden in the White House.
In announcing his decision, Selkis has adopted extremely harsh tones. In practice, it reflects the sentiment of a large part of those who work in the sector crypto Right now. An attitude which will presumably characterize his electoral campaign.

Why Ryan Selkis has decided to get involved in politics

The frustration of the cryptographic sector operators is clearly evident in the message entrusted by Selkis to Twitter. Which is to be considered the continuation of a previous message, published in August. In which the founder of Messari stated his tiredness of having to be very careful in discussions about digital assets. In which cryptofans are almost crushed by the sense of guilt instilled by a public opinion that in fact still seems unwilling to accept the presence of digital money.
An attitude which, moreover, reflects that of the American political world. Which appears resolutely opposed to giving space to alternative finance seen as smoke and mirrors.

The attack on the SEC and progressives

In the statements made after the announcement, Ryan Selkis he also attacked the SEC and progressives head-on. The former has been putting itself sideways on the cryptocurrency path for months now, while the latter do not hesitate to express their doubts about Bitcoin and surroundings. Despite the presence in their ranks of well-known supporters of digital assets, starting with thatAndrew Yang who took part in the Democratic presidential primary that crowned Biden. And of Eric adams, candidate of the party in the next elections that will nominate the new mayor of New York. Consider yourself like white flies in a party that seems to struggle to understand the world of cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies and politics

Cryptocurrencies will certainly be at the center of Selkis' electoral campaign. With a predictable focus on the need to regulate the sector, hitherto unanswered by politics.
If it is true, in fact, that there is no lack of attacks on alternative finance, it must also be emphasized that everything is still at a standstill on the institutional front. Starting from that --Gary Gensler, Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, which was also welcomed by cryptofans. Who considered him a friend to the industry. Expectations so far disappointed by the number one of the SEC, who did not hesitate to embrace the hard line prevailing among politicians.

A duel destined to continue?

The duel between cryptocurrencies and politics seems destined to continue over the next few months. At least according to statements from not only Democrats, but also Republicans. Ryan Selkis could therefore be faced with a rather difficult task, namely that of act as a bridge between the two fronts.
A task that up to now has been carried out by Cynthia lummis, the Wyoming senator who never hid her belief in digital assets, enough to declare itself in favor of a caucus on financial innovation. However, with quite poor results, if we consider the fire words not infrequently reserved for cryptocurrencies by many of his colleagues. In short, the battle of the cryptofans is still very complicated to win.

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