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Satoshi Nakamoto is now the XNUMXth richest man in the world

Too bad that nothing is known about him ...

Satoshi Nakamoto is the XNUMXth richest man in the world. The inventor of the Bitcoin after the new rise in the token it has in fact climbed positions in the ranking drawn up periodically by Forbes. An evaluation which is the result of the stockpile of Bitcoin that he should have in his wallet, close to one million coins. Considering that in these hours BTC has flown to 62 thousand dollars, the account is soon done and the overall fortune of Satoshi Nakamoto would be at an altitude 62 billion dollars.
The only problem is that no one knows who is behind this name or if he is still alive. The attempts to identify it carried out in recent years have not yet reached certain results.

satoshi bitcoin - Satoshi Nakamoto is now the XNUMXth richest man in the world

A further Bitcoin rush could take it to the top spot

Considering how Bitcoin continues to give life to sensational increases now since its birth, which took place in 2008, the year in which its white paper was published, the first position of the Forbes ranking, currently held by Elon Musk, with $ 210 billion in assets, it's not impossible.
A company which, however, would not be known to whom to register. The last message of Satoshi Nakamoto, in fact, dates back to 12 December 2010. It was published on Bitcoin talk and after then total silence fell upon him. Such as to push many to a real manhunt, aimed at identifying him. Without excluding the hypothesis of his premature death.

Many hypotheses, but no certainty

Satoshi Nakamoto's research has also continued over the past few years. Pointing out new suggestive hypotheses from time to time. Like the one concerning Paul Calder Le Roux, a former DEA whistleblower currently detained in US prisons for a variety of very serious crimes.
Among the many indicated in this capacity, there are also the creator of chainlink, Sergey Nazareth and the cypherpunk Len Sassaman, who committed suicide in 2011. From time to time, however, the list has been enriched with names that, for one reason or another, would have had the skills to create Bitcoin.

The self-proclaimed: Craig Wright and Jörg Molt

To the list in question were then added two characters at least controversial, that is Craig Wright e Jörg Molt. Who did not hesitate to proclaim themselves the real Satoshi, so much so that they were mocked with the nickname of Faketoshi.
The former is currently engaged in a lawsuit that could have a devastating effect on his finances, even more than on his credibility, that relating to the Tulip Trust. The second was instead arrested in Germany for fraud, while trying to leave the country. In their case, the famous motto relating to the Rosicrucians could be applied: whoever is part of it denies being one, whoever claims to be one is not part of it.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin is approaching mass adoption

As the discussion continues aimed at identifying the true Satoshi, his creation seems to approach day after day to the dream that inspired his birth. That is themass adoption in everyday life.
Just think of the proclamation of the legal tender of BTC in El Salvador, which could soon be followed by a similar act in Brazil. Or the increasingly important role of the token in countries burdened by too high levels of inflation, such as Venezuela, Argentina or Colombia. Without forgetting the increasingly widespread use of commercial payments, in every part of the globe. In short, it is not known if its creator is still alive, but Bitcoin is more and more.

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