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Is Sergey Nazarov, creator of Chainlink, the real Satoshi Nakamoto?

A new hypothesis about the creator of Bitcoin

chainlink is one of the projects crypto most interesting ever. So much so that it was indicated by World Economic Forum (WEF) among the technology pioneers of 2020.
In the last few hours, however, LINK has returned to general attention for another reason. Or the indication of its creator, Sergey Nazarov, like the real Satoshi Nakamoto. A thesis that was endorsed in particular by UX Sequence in one of his reports, which had as its object all the evidence that would link Nazarov to the launch of Bitcoin.

Sergey Nazarov - Is Sergey Nazarov, creator of Chainlink, the real Satoshi Nakamoto?

The evidence adduced by UX Sequence

Sergey Nazarov is currently 32 years old and his parents are Russian immigrants who moved to New York in search of fortune after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The first circumstance that links Nazarov to the creation of BTC is purchase of the domain just six days before the publication of the Bitcoin white paper, which took place in 2008, during the Halloween holiday. This is the same site currently linked to chainlink (LINK) and although it cannot be considered as proof, it is still a pretty interesting clue.
In October last year, Nazarov then appeared in a video with Ben Chan during which he explained how long he has been interested in technology blockchain. In practice, Nazarov claims to have been in the industry for ten years now, although he corrects himself later. This would mean that it was already in operation at the time Nakamoto was working on his icon.
And, again, the research carried out on some Russian sites, show the strong connection of the creator of Chainlink with a Russian company, QED Capital. For which Nazarov had registered some sites in 2012. The links with Russia are strong and such as to push some to affirm that they would prove the starting point. As Satoshi Nakamoto would have them too.

The metaphor about Kokichi Mikimoto

Another evidence to support the theory that Nazarov would like to be the real Satoshi Nakamoto is the use by him, in 2013, of a metaphor about Kokichi Mikimoto. In which it is explained how he managed to artificially create perfectly spherical pearls, which soon supplanted the natural ones. So much so that they currently constitute 90% of those sold worldwide. A story that closely resembles that of Satoshi Nakamoto and the creation of Bitcoin.

Nazarov is only the last to be referred to as the real Satoshi

Sergey Nazarov is only the latest to be referred to as the real Satoshi Nakamoto. The list sees the presence of Paul Calder Le Roux, Adam Back, Yasutaka Nakamoto, Dan Kaminsky, Hal Finney, Ignotus peverell, Gavin Andresen e Sunny king. All, or almost all, however, ready to deny the hypotheses formulated in this regard.
The one who continues to proclaim himself the true and only Satoshi Nakamoto is the Australian businessman Craig Wright. Which also has to prove it in a lawsuit brought against him by Ira Kleiman, brother of Dave. If he fails to do so, he would be forced to pay billions of dollars, or the equivalent of half the 1,1 million Bitcoins held by the Tulip Trust. Craig's claim, however, brings back the paradox represented by Rosicrucian: whoever is part of it must not say it, whoever says it is not part of it. The very fact that the Australian businessman proclaims himself the real Satoshi leads to exclude the veracity of the hypothesis.

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