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Shiba Inu could grow thanks to the listing on BtcTurk

From October 15th SHIB is available on the popular Turkish platform

After a not-so-happy week, Shiba Inu he started running again for a few hours. Over the last 24, in fact, the meme coin indicated by many as real Doge Killer, recorded an increase in its quotation in the order of 6%. Thus recovering much of the previous losses and showing a renewed vitality. Such as to push many to wonder the reasons for this new upward movement and what may happen in the immediate future. By identifying the answer to the first question in the recent listing of SHIB at BtcTurk, popular exchange of Turkish cryptocurrency.

Shiba Inu Coin OKEx Binance - Shiba Inu could grow thanks to the listing on BtcTurk

About BtcTurk

BtcTurk has been active since 2013, so much so that it has achieved a very important position among exchanges crypto of Turkey. A popularity achieved also thanks to a shrewd advertising policy. Which prompted the platform not only to make contacts with many sports clubs in the country, but also to sponsor Yeni Malatyspor, a team of football militant in Super Lig, the first Turkish division. In practice, it was the first company in the sector to appear on the front of a football club's shirt, obtaining a decisive advertising surplus for its growth.
In the last few hours we have returned to talk about BtcTurk and the reason for this discussion is to be found in the decision to list Shiba Inu. Whenever a platform includes a cryptocurrency in its trading, the price of the same is bound to be positively affected. According to analysts, this is precisely what happened to the meme coin.

The perspectives of Shiba Inu

SHIB was born with the specific intent to exploit the great popularity of Dogecoin. At the same time trying to overcome some technical limitations and not just represent a simple speculative option.
A mission that began to take shape in the second half of the current year, after the first was characterized by the race to the top of DOGE. So much so that about a month ago too Coinbase decided to take note of what was happening, including it in the pool of tokens available on the platform. An act that has had a positive impact on Shiba Inu's trading and its price.
If in the past week the token had lost momentum, probably due to the exhaustion of the propulsive thrust of Coinbase, the listing on BtcTurk has triggered a new upward movement. Which looks set to continue over the next few weeks.

The phenomenon of meme coins

Dogecoin is at this time at ninth place of the ranking of CoinMarketCap relating to market capitalization. While Shiba Inu is in turn attested to twentieth. To demonstrate that the phenomenon of meme coins is anything but ephemeral.
If it is true that DOGE initially represented a mockery against cryptocurrencies, so is the fact that the communities that support these projects seem more loyal than others. Ultimately guaranteeing an uncommon ability to resist market turbulence.
Precisely in the light of this enthusiasm, many observers seem to agree that Dogecoin and Shiba Inu will continue to be successful in the future. Despite warnings from various quarters, including those of Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, the creators of Dogecoin. Who still do not seem to understand the fact that their project, born with purely satirical intentions, has become over time a real phenomenon of custom.

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