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Shiba Inu, now AMC could include it in digital payments

It was CEO Adam Aron who put forward the hypothesis

After Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin e Dogecoin, the next token to enter the cinemas of AMC Theaters could be Shiba Inu. The CEO of the company proposed the hypothesis, Adam aron, who once again took to Twitter to ventilate it. Wondering if users might be interested in this new opportunity. A question to which the survey he inaugurated seems to be giving an unequivocal result. Indeed, the85% of those who replied, which are already more than 120 thousand.

Shiba Inu Coin OKEx Binance - Shiba Inu, now AMC could include it in digital payments

AMC's interest in cryptocurrencies

The survey initiated by Adam Aron confirms the great interest of AMC in virtual goods. In fact, the company had recently expressed its intention to give life to its own token, presumably to be used within the managed cinemas, to facilitate payments.
In September, in the course of an interview with CNBC, Aron again had not had excessive hesitation in expressing all his interest in the minting of commemorative tickets in the form of NFT. And, again, in early October, the company had decided to allow the purchase of digital gift cards through Dogecoin and others cryptocurrency, using the wallet BitPay. A series of initiatives that could now be integrated with the inclusion of Shiba Inu in ticket payments within the halls.

The continued growth of SHIB

In the meantime, Shiba Inu continues its magical moment. The continuous growth recorded during the last week, has in fact allowed him to enter the Top Ten of the ranking of CoinMarketCap, relating to market capitalization. Harpooning the ninth position to the detriment of Dogecoin, which after the blaze a few days ago has begun to flex quite clearly.
A real race, that of SHIB, which makes the community dream that moves compactly in its support. Such as to suggest that the beauty has yet to take place. Also in light of the fact that its continuous growth is generating one as usual self-promotional campaign. That deriving from the chase of positive news, which allow the token to retrace the steps of DOGE. Without enjoying the real thing pump and dump staged by Elon Musk in support of the competing meme coin.

Also on Robinhood the inclusion of Shiba Inu is asked

However, that from Adam Aron is not the only petition relating to Shiba Inu. In the same hours, in fact, the supporters of SHIB are giving life to one petition to ask the Robinhood platform for its inclusion in the site's transactions. In this case, the goal is to reach 500 signatures in support of the request, a limit that is now very close.
A request which, moreover, could soon be accepted. Also in light of what happened with Dogecoin, which after being included in the app's negotiations has become its main attraction. Suffice it to think in this sense that shortly after mid-August, the transactions involving DOGE had reached 62% of all those implemented on the platform.

The meme coin fever

Meanwhile, the one for meme coins is turning into a real one fever. As pointed out by another exchange of cryptocurrencies, Bitrue. According to which in addition to Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and Floki Inu, there are also other similar tokens to record extraordinary performances, starting with Samoyedcoin SAMO, Australian Safe Shepherd ASS, Shih Tzu SHI and Cato. The meme coin saga therefore seems destined to produce new acts in the near future.

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