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Simplex integrates Cardano, allowing you to purchase ADA via credit cards

Another remarkable image for Cardano

The Israeli payment processor Simplex will allow its users to purchase ADA through Apple Pay, bank transfers and credit cards. A possibility so far limited a Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Polkadot, Binance Coin, Aave, Dash, Stellar, Tether ed EOS, which eloquently testifies to the growth in influence of the "cryptocurrency of professors", as it is often indicated for the commitment of some academics in its development plans.
It was the same company that stated that its decision was inspired by the rapid growth not only from a purely financial point of view, but also in terms of reputation, highlighted by Cardano over the past few months. Believing with all evidence that he can no longer ignore it.

cardano coin - Simplex integrates Cardano, allowing you to purchase ADA using credit cards

Simplex praises Cardano

In communique issued on the sidelines of its decision, Simplex did not fail to praise Cardano. Stating that the project has a loyal following on social media, a thriving community and can already boast remarkable achievements. Adding that it is secure enough to protect large amounts of data and scalable to accommodate global systems. It also showcases a mix of pioneering technologies that can provide unprecedented security and sustainability to decentralized applications, systems and companies.
Enough then to decide not to be able to ignore it in your proposal relating to cryptocurrencies. Especially in the light of an increasingly evident growth, not only in terms of price, but also in terms of influence.

Cardano and the Ethiopian government collaborate to renew the education system

Simplex's decision seems entirely consistent with a reality that sees Cardano collecting agreements after agreements. The last of which is the one signed with Ethiopian government, aimed at employing technology blockchain in order to renew the educational system of the African country.
In particular it will be Atala PRISM ID of IOHK (Input Output Hong Kong) to make it possible by the authorities to create a register of educational performances relating to five million students of 3.500 schools located within the national borders. Which will add a new system for the identification of students and teachers, digital verification of grades and remote monitoring of school performance. An agreement that is being talked about a lot in these hours, precisely because of the implications it could entail.

Cardano and Africa, an ever closer relationship

The agreement reached with the Addis Ababa government confirms the ever closer relationship with Africa. The black continent has in fact been identified by IOHK as a privileged destination of its efforts since 2019, when the company embarked on a new training initiative in Ethiopia and Uganda aimed at teaching women how to program in Haskell, or the programming language. principal on which Cardano is based.
An attention, moreover, confirmed by another agreement signed in the past few days. That is the one with the Tanzania, which aims to facilitate financial empowerment, digital identity and internet connectivity for the country's rural communities. The project will be made in collaboration with World Mobile and constitutes a further step in what has been called Cardano's Africa Strategy. Which aims to favor the financial inclusion of hundreds of millions of people who do not currently have the tools to allow the management of their assets.

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