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Socios wins the top division of Argentine football

The agreement with the AFA was announced on July 15

In practice, the campaign of Members to conquer the world of football. After making deals with an impressive array of football clubs from around the world, including many of the big names in international football, now the company has even conquered what was known as the Primera Division. That is the largest professional division of Argentine football, the most prestigious league ever in South America. By signing an agreement which could lead the way in a country like Argentina that is increasingly receptive to digital assets.

Argentine Football - Socios wins the top division of Argentine football

The agreement signed between Socios and AFA

The agreement in question was signed between Socios and Argentina Football Association (AFA) and provides for the renaming of the largest professional football league in the country. The first division, due to the stipulation between the parties, will be called from next year tournament, thus giving the company the opportunity to exploit the prestige that has always characterized the Argentine championship. Which was practically the first organically organized outside the UK, where football was born. And within which some of the most important players in the history of football were trained, starting with Alfredo Di Stefano e Diego Armando Maradona. Its appeal has remained virtually unchanged over the decades and Socios clearly aims to exploit it. With the aim of being able to increase a turnover which, in the course of 2021, has already generated revenues of over 150 million dollars.

The statements of Claudio Tapia and Socios

On the sidelines of the publicity of the agreement, announced on July 15, the statements of Claudio Tapia, current number one of AFA. Who said he was very happy with the collaboration launched, which after all follows the one signed with the Argentine national team. As a result of which the albiceleste selection will have its own exclusive token.
Socios also naturally wanted to comment on the commercial agreement established with the AFA. Placing a great emphasis on the fact that this is the first time the Argentine league has been renamed. A move that perhaps will push purists to turn up their noses, but which seems absolutely justified. Mostly in the light of the great difficulties in which football has been going for some time now.

The crisis of Argentine football

Argentine football has always been characterized by migration abroad. In particular towards the most prestigious tournaments that take place in Europe, starting from Serie A. Just think in this sense to the presence of Mumo Orsi, Luonea Monti, Atilio Demaria and Enrique Guaita in theItaly world champion in 1934.
Over the past few decades, however, this trend has grown stronger, favored by the endemic economic crisis that grips the country. Which did not spare football, so much so that even the most prestigious clubs, such as the River Plate and Boca Juniors, , to act as reservoirs for the European sisters.
The further damage caused by the need to close the stadiums, in order to avoid the spread of Covid, has naturally forced many of them to search for new sources of income. The agreement with Socios could therefore represent the start of a new trend, the one between digital assets and football. In a country where the cryptocurrency have long represented an alternative to traditional money.

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